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Pope No Longer Will Persecute Gays, Will Persecute ‘Global Warming’ Unbelievers Instead

no one expects the spanish inquisition – YouTube

Pope Francis Says Church Should Apologize To Gays And Others It Has Hurt And Ask Their Forgiveness – the Pope is an activist.  Amazingly, he finally says something sensible!  The Church persecuted gays for over 1,000 years even when many inside the Church were very much gay.  There wasn’t mere persecution, the homosexuals running the Church were very much sadists and cooked up various evil tortures that were extremely sexual in nature as well as amazingly painful.  Now, the Pope wants to be forgiven for being part of this machinery of sexual deviant torture which is wonderful but he has to do more than apologize for this, he must examine this openly and denounce ALL the many, many crimes of the Catholic Church.

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