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NATO/Israel Make More Fake War Crimes Accusations Against Syria

World news — RT International from Russia


Here I am, another bitter cold sunny day in April, 19 F spring weather during this global warming business…and the Cold War gets hotter thanks to Israel and the Bilderberg gang demanding WWIII thinking we will all survive it.  Once again, the Pentagon and Israel fake a ‘chemical attack’ in Syria and then blame Syria and Russia even though doing this makes zero sense, they have no political reasons to do this.  But the Pentagon and Israeli war criminals have a million reasons to stage fake attacks and kill real people, doing it.  After all, they are killing…Syrian Muslims!

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EU Threatens Hungary, Poland and Russia At The Same Time

Hungary cracking down on Muslim migrants (Warning: Graffic images) – 2015, Hungary stood its ground and stopped the Million Muslim Male march.   The dozen or so children were there as a demand of entry.  We have the same thing happening on our borders and Trump has backed off on securing our nation, a major promise being broken.  Since this video was made, the Hungarian army is along the borders to stop illegal aliens and NATO is pissed as hell and wants them to confront Russia who is protecting its borders, too.  The EU is doomed.


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NATO Chief Calls Scottish Referendum For Sovereignty ‘Force of Darkness’

scotland darth vader bagpipes

Former NATO Chief: Scottish Secession ‘Cataclysmic’ Blow to World: Independent Scotland a Victory for ‘The Forces of Darkness’–he also claims that Scotland would not be allowed into NATO.  On the other hand, any group in any country which NATO wants to dominate wants the same as the Scots or the Crimeans, well…then it is wonderful, good and proper.

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