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Popular Science Announces No More Reader Comments Due To Reader’s Arguments Against Global Warming Propaganda There

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Climate Change Already Having Wide-Ranging Effects On U.S., Report Finds | Popular Science is today’s story in this ridiculous publication.  I used to read it years ago but now won’t touch it with a ten foot hockey stick.  No Trend In Heavy Rain Events In The US | Real Science: the warmists focus only on rain not blizzards so as we were hammered by blizzards our media downplayed it outrageously and then the minute it slightly warmed up, renewed their global warming howls.  Now, they are ALL eliminating reader’s comments due to ‘rudeness’ especially with the articles about global warming.  This shutting down of the debate is deliberate, malicious and evil and is being blamed on those of us who dispute the propaganda using facts.

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Possible Hurricane Force Storm May Hit Southern England

2013 Halloween storm might hit Britain

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Worst weather since the Great Storm of 1987: UK to be battered by hurricane-strength winds : We had near zero hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean this year but it is possible that this proto-hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic might turn into a full fledged storm when it hits England.  For nearly the entire hurricane season, the Atlantic Ocean has been very dry.  The dry air dominated the entire center of the sea.  This condition is now changing with the seasons as the days grow shorter, the moisture is growing which goes at odds with the dogma that the heat causes water vapor to increase. Continue reading


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GOP North/South Split Widens, Hurricane Sandy Aid Passes House


GOP splits over hurricane aid



The Crack of doom yawns wider and wider as the Northeastern GOP  representatives, fearing losing office, break with the mostly-Southern/rural/Western GOP to vote with the hated liberal Democratic Party to give aid and comfort to the many millions of Hurricane Sandy victims.  The attempt by the GOP to strand these citizens in distress and then blame it on Obama has failed miserably. Continue reading


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