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Super Cold Wave To Hit North America Except For Los Angeles



We already had over 2 feet of snow before Thanksgiving and then it all melted yesterday.  Just in time for another major blast of Arctic cold.  The global warmists have so little understanding about how the sun and weather works, they think we all live in LA or Miami.  El Nino is long dead and we are in a classic cold cycle again.  They can’t tell the truth about the weather or anything in our major media and political class.  They claim, it is super hot and we are all going to roast to death.

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We Know Very Little Direct Information About Our Local Star, The ‘Sun’

Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 9.36.00 AM

Kitt Peak Solar Observatory – Pics about space

I had a very unusual childhood. All my parents and grandparents including the women, were all astronomers.  I grew up in various observatories from Yerkes in Wisconsin where I was born as my mother left the observatory that night and in California, Texas and above all, Kitt Peak in Arizona, a mountain my father chose because he thought it was beautiful and a great place to live.  I am watching in horror as NASA which my dad also, a rocket expert during WWII, helped found with Kennedy, is rapidly being destroyed by the childish ‘global warming’ hysteria which came out of left field, so to speak.  I watched it evolve because I know Al Gore and the others involved because they knew my dad.

At WUWT there is this raging debate about our local star which ignores the reality of what this thing is: A SMALL STAR which is insignificant compared to most stars.  It is very small, has little power but has endurance because the giant stars all die quickly and blow up spectacularly whereas ours rolls along at the outer fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy puttering along for a billion or so years, happily circled by little planets and so far, evading all the big, explosive, nasty hotter stars that menace us.  But alas, as we circle the Galaxy we are also being drawn into that ferocious inferno and will end up annihilated in the bitter end…try telling that to small children!

Which Grandpa Pettit merrily informed me when I was less than ten years old.  Hilarious, no?


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Dr. Soon Is Attacked By NYT For Doing Climate Research Using Private, Not Tax Money


Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 7.13.05 PM

New York’s Forecast: Rising Seas, Continual Heat Waves, and a Little Hope is today’s weather headlines in New York City.  Yes, we are all going to really really roast to death! Just you wait and see.  The lunacy that drives our ridiculous rulers is crazier than Caligula’s rule of Rome.  Hopelessly out of touch with reality, they are driving us off the cliff diplomatically and scientifically.  This rank refusal to see reality is really scary since they rule us and can force us into their alternative reality via propaganda coupled with draconian laws designed to lock us into poverty peasant life styles or outright slavery.


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CIA Wants To Blame Putin For All Bad Weather!

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 10.48.40 PM

NOAA calls this last month in the Northeast ‘NORMAL’ not super cold.  Only Texas is colder than normal.  This is, of course, utterly insane.


The wild, out of control propaganda about the weather pouring out of all systems in NATO nations is going totally insane as super cold assails the Northern Hemisphere and ice grows in super cold Antarctica.  Still hitching absolutely all ‘research’ to the global warming ideology, understanding basic weather cycles seems impossible for intelligent people who don’t understand how hysteria and lies can make it impossible for them to see reality.  This news has me particularly angry because the huge number of witch burnings that happened during the Little Ice Age is being replayed yet again and for the exact same insane reasons:  Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears as Climate researcher says CIA fears hostile nations are triggering floods and droughts.


Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said: ‘Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?

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Ice Age Conditions Assail Eastern Half North America

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 10.59.51 AM


Another blizzard coming…tiresome at this point.  The above map shows the super cold and stormy weather battering half of North America all the way down to the tropical islands and Central America.  Note how Alaska and the West Coast isn’t dire cold with many blizzards and cold rain in the Gulf of Mexico.  We see in the map below what the RECENT Ice Age’s final years looked like.  That is, a mere 11,000 years ago, the ice sheets totally covered Greenland, the Hudson Bay area and the edge of the Great Lakes and this, after 3,000 years of melting!

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Another Big Wave Of Extreme Cold, Storms Hammer New England

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 8.28.06 AM

Latest New England snowstorm sets new records as forecasters warn more on the way   Northeast snowstorm to coat New England in another FOOT of snow and I have 4 feet here on my own mountain and it is very bitter cold here.  So much for Hottest Year EVAH.  Wherever it is ‘hot’ it certainly isn’t even ‘mild’ here in the Ice Age Glacier Belt of North America.


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Scientists Admit Oceans Are Not Rising But Don’t Understand Why

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 8.47.31 AM

ENSO Page | Watts Up With That? Showing that the present el Nino is now el Morte.


The New York Times, to my great surprise, has published a truthful article but pitches it so that it is still all about global warming theories being ‘correct’ even if they are totally whacked-out wrong:  Research May Solve Puzzle in Ocean’s Rise:


A team of researchers reported that sea levels did not rise quite as much as previously believed in the 20th century, possibly explaining a discrepancy in climate research.

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