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Southern California Only Place With Global Warming, SNOW In Texas!

Intellicast maps.

California is warm, has drought and fires while other half of nation freezes, very wet: We are having a very cold fall.  It is more like winter where I live.  I used to live in California during the previous cold cycle of the 1970’s.  It was cold and wet back then.  This time around, California is still hot and dry but that won’t last much longer.  But due to the fires and hysteria, the DNC is screaming that we have to make the world much colder to keep Southern California happy.  I have many disputes with ‘climate scientists’ (sic) and one of them is ‘how to interpret weather patterns.’

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Ice Age Conditions Assail Eastern Half North America

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 10.59.51 AM


Another blizzard coming…tiresome at this point.  The above map shows the super cold and stormy weather battering half of North America all the way down to the tropical islands and Central America.  Note how Alaska and the West Coast isn’t dire cold with many blizzards and cold rain in the Gulf of Mexico.  We see in the map below what the RECENT Ice Age’s final years looked like.  That is, a mere 11,000 years ago, the ice sheets totally covered Greenland, the Hudson Bay area and the edge of the Great Lakes and this, after 3,000 years of melting!

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Greenland Did NOT Glaciate As Much As North America; Global Warmists Hold Hearings In DC During Blizzard

heavy snow Berlin NY Valentine's day 2014


Still snowing on my mountain this dawn.  National Weather Service: 100M Americans under winter storm warnings: we are absolutely buried in snow this dawn.  Note the string of big storms over the Pacific Ocean heading towards the West Coast.  The balmy winter there is going to be a lot wetter.  The recent spate of east coast storms formed over deep Dixie, not Canada, and then roared northwards covering much of the South in snow yet again.  You can’t have snow in Alabama unless it is very cold, not warm.  The global warming crew is in full retreat and has gotten quite nasty about the entire business as we see below.

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