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Huge Nor’easter Blizzard Aiming At Major Metro East Coast Cities And My Little Mountain!

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 3.25.17 PM

‘Historic’ Snowstorm Threatens New England With Likely Blizzard – NBC News.com


Up to 2 feet of snow in NYC with 3 feet+ for Boston expected in huge storm and the people of NYC can thank the brave Global Warming marchers for this.  And then it will be near zero after the storm down there and well below zero up where I live, further north.  This is what the global warmists demanded: more blizzards.  Since they believe their CO2 savings is causing this, I feel free to blame them for this situation as I dig out from the blizzard in three days. This classic Nor’easter usually hammers me due to the fact the mountains where I live run east to west so they funnel Nor’easter winds quite violently up to and over 80 mph.

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Near Record Sea Ice During ‘Warmest Year Ever’ While World Oil Futures Continue Fall

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 8.26.30 AM

Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record as the ICPP claims this is the warmest year ever.  The cold cycles have shifted mainly to Europe and Asia this winter, this month.  While we have a global oil glut caused by derivative futures deals made by traders, all the oil export nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are seeing profits fall.  The US is betting on Russia falling into chaos due to this but I am betting it will be the Saudis who will fall.

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Overgrazing Is Greater Danger Than Global Warming

Australian rancher has too many sheep

The above picture is from a ministry in Australia where a number of the top ICPP ‘climatologists’ operate.  Note the huge number of sheep and zero plant life.  The desertfication done by this rancher is insidious and hard to reverse.  And it causes local temperatures to rise significantly.  Interactive: Panorama photos reveal NSW drought conditions – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has a comprehensive record of rainfall in Australia.  But this doesn’t deter the warmists who are now howling that Antarctica ‘stealing’ Australia’s rain: study by some of the frauds pretending to be ‘scientists’.

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Britain And Germany Agree To Economic Suicide To Hurt Russians

Russian bases (zero) versus NATO bases

Europe is suffering from a wide range of energy issues that are going to impact harder and harder as warmongering and global mongering rage out of control.  Once Russia ceases to sell energy to Europe, they will have a huge surge in inflation there due to the high cost of energy if it is brought in from more expensive sources.  And the entire issue of Russia being naughty is connected to the ongoing energy wars waged by NATO.  I feel the outsized rage about Russia being proactive is due to desires to control the Russian energy markets directly via military fiat by NATO just like Libya or attempts on Iran’s energy.

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