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NY Times Funnel For Illegal DNC State Department Leaks To Destroy Trump: Arrest Them All

From a few weeks ago, leaks about the Mexican trade nego
No Surprise: Obama State Department Employees Leaked Everything.


Evidently, when Trump’s appointee, a woman named Stull,  to run the State Department went off to Geneva for the World Health Assembly, Erin Barclay inside the department called a dozen other workers to a lunch meeting where they decided to secretly conspire to destroy Trump’s foreign policy moves via leaking real and fake information to NY/DC/California media giants who would then go on to howl with rage at Trump.  The very first story they leaked was pure propaganda: that Stull was secretly ‘vetting’ employees to see if any of them were traitors.  And…they were!  But she didn’t find them because she wasn’t doing this in the first place.

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