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Nationalism Versus Imperialism: Verboten Debate About Bilderberg Gang Goals

Watching this discussion at Fox about ‘nationalism’ versus ‘internationalism’ shows how both sides of the debate at the top of our society frankly cannot understand basic history.  This is due to how history is taught mostly by Marxist professors.  WWI and WWII were not ‘nationalist’ wars, they were both gigantic imperialist wars.  Germany and Japan made it crystal clear, they were competing with the British, Russian and French empires, for example.


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Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies

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Low Birth Rates and a Falling Population | Saving Japan

Yes, an LDP member actually suggested this as a solution to the declining birthrate in Japan!  Over 30,000 Japanese kill themselves every year for the last 14 years.    Poverty rates have doubled.  Birth rates continue to fall.  Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and this is tied to a global economic mess which began six years ago in the West but the predecessor, the BIG blow-out depression coupled with ZIRP rates began way back in the early 1990’s in Japan and today Japan remains mired in this depression and is using the typical way out which is fascist imperialist expansion and suicidal wars, something the US is choosing to do, too.  Oh, and high government debt shooting ever upwards which the US has also aped.

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Obama Sends More Troops, Drones, Bombs To Iraq

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The above map illustrates the cancer killing Syria and Iraq.  Both countries were created by a previous cancer, the British Empire, which divided the Muslim world with France after WWI into ‘countries’ to be exploited by imperialists in Europe who  just came out of one of the nastiest interfamily wars in history, the battle between highly genetically connected royals who were all close cousins.


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Abe Attacks Obama About Sex Slaves The Minute Obama Left Tokyo

For the last 50 years, our foreign policy has been run by hostile organizations that have zero interest in protecting American citizens in any way, shape or form.  We go to war on spurious charges on behalf of people who don’t care if these wars bankrupt our country, we have ‘free trade’ which was started in order to stop ‘inflation’ via moving industries here to other cheaper labor venues and then bringing back the goods via importation which has caused a tremendous, ongoing, destructive trade deficit.  Today, our main negotiators are all working for foreign powers so the ‘deals’ we get stink.  Meanwhile, trade negotiators for say, Japan, fight tenaciously for Japanese imperial interests.  And Abe lectures Obama the minute Obama left Japan about how Americans have no right to talk about Japanese war crimes!  And the US response is to ignore this obvious insult.

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Very Rare And Beautiful Apollo Bronze Statue Found By Gaza Fisherman Doesn’t Make Headline News In US

bronze Apollo statue found in Gaza

Greek god statue mystery: 2,000 year old bronze Apollo surfaces in Gaza – YouTube: this big art news story was put on the back pages of the US Zionist media.  It is big news in Israel, of course.  And all our media giants have an army of Jewish reporters there.  And the NYT in particular is supposed to be this sophisticated paper that talks about ‘high culture’ art stuff all the time…and nary a peep.  One can only find this story by using Google to see where it has been tucked away under this collective bed.  Even in the foreign press, it is buried in a bed of rank lies about Gaza.


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Abe Demands Russian Islands—US State Department Silent Again

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Northern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: Yes, right before going to the Olympics in Russia, Abe stages yet another unilateral demand for foreign territory.  Even as officials of his regime insult America repeatedly, in one case, denying Japan was the aggressor in WWII and calling the US ‘the enemy’, our own State Department run by the hopeless Kerry remains silent.  Letting Japan run amok is a dangerous thing and one place this is really bad is Fukushima which gets only worse and worse as time passes. Continue reading

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Japan And Israel Abuse US Diplomacy For Imperialist Ends

Japan has grown so arrogant about its relations with the US, like Israel, the officials there deliver one slap at the face after another.  The latest from Abe’s imperialist crew is this:  Japan’s envoy to U.S. urges calm amid tensions with China ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae said people are afraid of the consequences of a deteriorating relationship between the two Asian powers, and appealed for a calming of “agitated remarks” from both sides.

Sasae told a Washington think tank constructive dialogue was needed, but also said Japan would not give in to pressure over its sovereignty claims.


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