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8.1 Quake In Sumatra, Indonesia, Potential Tsunami

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 8.18.07 AM

Major 8.1 magnitude quake strikes southwest of Indonesia – USGS: probable tsunami.  This is a shallow quake and thus, quite capable of creating a tsunami.  The biggest city in the possible tsunami zone is Padang.  It is sheltered by a string of islands so I don’t know how much this will help prevent a tsunami.  Just as I predicted when I first published this story this morning:  TSUNAMI WARNING JUST ISSUED FOR PADANG AND COASTAL ISLANDS as of 8:47 EST.

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Is Earthquake Activity Unusual? The Past Decade Has Had Many More Major Quakes

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Here is today’s earthquake map.  Ever since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami we have seen many other major quakes equal in strength.  The Indonesian one was a 9.1 or greater and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake was at least a 9.0.  A quick look at the below graph shows very clearly that great or small, quakes are more frequent and more violent this last decade:

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Volcano Sangeang Api Shoots Ash 12 Miles Into Stratosphere: Winter Will Be Severe

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Darwin Airport shut as volcanic ash looms in far off Australia.  Pictured from a passenger plane: Menacing 12-mile-high ash cloud looms over Indonesia’s ‘Mountain of Spirits’ after volcano erupts | Mail Online: this is a major eruption.  Note also how ‘dirty’ it is.  In just a few days, sun sets will be much redder and midday sun on a clear day will be set in a pale blue sky as a silken screen of fine dust will filter the sunlight.

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Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

La Nina cold Pacific Ocean

Something is happening in the Pacific Ocean: the cold water La Nina portion is actually colder, not warmer.  Climatologists are predicting an el Nino event but I think history says otherwise.  There are many mega trends going on that are an interaction of human behavior, the sun’s shifting output of energy, volcanic activity or inactivity, earthquakes in the ocean’s floor such as the three 9.0+ quakes off of Japan, Chile and Indonesia and salinity of the oceans going through various cycles where salt content increases or falls.  All of this creates difficult to interpret weather conditions which cause local shifts that seem quite large close up but when viewed through the lens of history, are actually rather common.

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Another Blizzard Today, Global Warmists And Bilderberg Gang Have Obama Talk About California

Skeptical Science one of the dumber science sites on the web


For the last several years I have warned the liberal community about their wild goose chase after CO2.  Turning this into an End of Times issue has decapitated all other issues. The decision to back nuclear power continues to be their solution to this problem even in the teeth of Fukushima and I would suggest the lack of anger and fear of the ongoing horror show in Japan is tied to the global warming insanity.  Then the climate changed to Ice Age conditions and instead of saving us, these global warmists want us to freeze to death.  So coverage of this terrible climate change has been flaccid or full of lies in order to keep the faith of these people.

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