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US News Stories Encourage Japan And Israel Imperialism


Biased US news about Japanese/US naval provocations continue while US media reporters whine about press freedom in China while refusing to report on press suppression in Japan and the persecution of whistleblowers talking to reporters about US corruption, spying and warmongering.  Not one Snowden story would have shown up here if it weren’t for press freedom in Britain and there it is being menaced, too,with British leaders menacing the Guardian for printing the Snowden revelations.  And Snowden was correct to blow the whistle as a Fed. Judge rules: NSA Phone Program Unconstitutional.

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China #1 In 2016 And Global Warming Talks Collapse, First World Gets Cold Feet

OECD: China will be Largest Economy Around 2016 is news the US doesn’t want to hear right now.  The ‘exceptionalism’ faith of our dear leaders flies in the face of reality.  The US is going down the old, old track whereby an arrogant empire goes bankrupt due to too many wars, too many internationalists overlooking the need to keep the sovereign state solvent and sheer laziness due to reliance of often foreign-born slaves or near-slaves.

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