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Earth Was 8F Higher In Previous Interglacial Cycles, Greenland, Antarctica Nearly Ice Free

Julie Brigham-Grette presents Lake El’ gygytgyn Research – YouTube

marine core data shows earth getting colder and colder

Elgygytgyn Lake is in Siberia near the Arctic Ocean and Alaska.  It is an impact crater that has never frozen during Ice Ages because the Ice Age glacier cover is VERY uneven just as super cold wave vortex events are very uneven though these follow a rigid, set pattern covering the same areas with glaciers every Ice Age.  We see clearly from the above charts showing pollen levels that not only are the Ice Age/Interglaical events more violently opposite of each other, that this has been a gradual cooling off process with the highs getting slightly lower each cycle but the lows getting much, much colder each cycle.

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Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

La Nina cold Pacific Ocean

Something is happening in the Pacific Ocean: the cold water La Nina portion is actually colder, not warmer.  Climatologists are predicting an el Nino event but I think history says otherwise.  There are many mega trends going on that are an interaction of human behavior, the sun’s shifting output of energy, volcanic activity or inactivity, earthquakes in the ocean’s floor such as the three 9.0+ quakes off of Japan, Chile and Indonesia and salinity of the oceans going through various cycles where salt content increases or falls.  All of this creates difficult to interpret weather conditions which cause local shifts that seem quite large close up but when viewed through the lens of history, are actually rather common.

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Now Climate Change Will Cause Violence! The Problem Is, Colder Climate Leads To Wholesale Civilization Collapse

1976 Ice age science news


A copy of a 1977 Science Magazine story about how we can save ourselves from the impending Ice Age.

The fight over climate issues continues with everyone yelling at each other while Mother Nature sails onwards effortlessly, doing what She does all the time that is, changing things constantly, either a lot or a little depending on many forces both cosmic as well as earthly.  We had a three week summer this year.  During July, we had this heat wave which vanished before the month was over and now resume the June cold weather with rain, lightning, very cold at night, barely making 70 degrees during the cloudy days and maybe 80 for a few hours on the sunny days.  Not normal at all.  Why, this is change!  Cold change.


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As My Father Predicted, This Solar Cycle Is Very Weak

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 8.24.44 AM

File:Five Myr Climate Change.svg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Before he died, my father agreed with me about the causes of Ice Ages and the probability all of this is driven by the sun becoming a variable star.  Yes, the sun doesn’t operate at a smooth level of production, it has wilder and wilder swings from hot to cold.  This fearful news is so scary, people prefer to pretend the sun is going to be ‘normal’ forever. But astronomers who study the sun suspect this isn’t possible and it wasn’t true in the past, either.  The sun has gone through various stages of energy output in the past. Continue reading


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