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Trump Says, All Democrats Should Also Make Their Tax Returns Public…Howls of Rage From DNC

Just in case the lunatics running the NYT takes down the link below, I am making a copy of this in a screen shot to prove the existence of this silly article.  Trump just trolled the entire DNC by demanding they all hand over all their income tax records so we citizens can see how they all game the system.  OH NO!  So the Bilderberg gang who are all tax cheaters, are screaming that this is impossible.  No, we will never, ever do this invasion of DNC privacy, only Trump gets the probes, not them.  Don’t forget, I helped put half a dozen Democrats under due to them all being cheats and frauds when they tried to intimidate me many years ago.

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Congress Forces Social Security And IRS To Bill Children Of Dead Parents For SS Payment Mistakes In Far Past

Our malfunctional Congress passed an Agricultural bill that cleverly allowed this:  Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts – The Washington Post

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