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RNC Freaks Out, Wants To Overthrow Trump

ISIS – The New World Order’s Plan For 2016 – YouTube

RNC delegates launch ‘Anybody but Trump’ drive as they desperately try to end democracy.  The DNC tools don’t have to do this since they managed to crown Hillary…barely.  It was a huge struggle for her to eliminate her only challenger who still beat her in various elections during the last two weeks of the primaries.  In Sanders case, the DNC put out totally fake stories that he capitulated and was going to crown Hillary and the news that he didn’t agree to this was mostly overseas since our media doesn’t like contradicting lies created by the Bilderberg gang which is one of them, they are part of this international conspiracy group.


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German Citizens Fight Liberals Who Want Invasions

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Germany sex assaults: PEGIDA marches against refugees while Other European cities also had a slew of sex crime reports and the media cover-up of all this to hide the truth from citizens of the EU is causing a huge row now.  But the police are out in force…to stop citizens from protesting too much about all this even as mare illegal aliens assail Europe.

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Saudi Arabia May Sell Private Shares Of ARAMCO—Putin Winning Oil/War Games

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The EU and US tried desperately to destroy Putin’s Russia but instead, it is now Saudi Arabia that is near collapse.  Shock, Laughter Greet Plan for Saudi Arabian Sale of the Century as the royals struggle to save themselves from bankruptcy.  My parents were once hired by the Saudi royals and while over there, ended up leaving the country in a rage when a Saudi royal deliberately ran over a European woman who was crossing the street because she didn’t wear a veil as she crossed from my mother’s compound to her compound in the Netherlands sector.  The State Department was called on the carpet by the royals who were fearful my mother would talk about how evil they are.  Well, the rulers of SA are one of the evilest on earth!  If any country deserves to see its rulers overthrown, this is the #1 along side North Korea.


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DOW Falls, World Trade Suffers As Muslim Wars Spread Across EU And Middle East

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So, Jews in Israel are up in arms against each other over the issue of ‘who is a Nazi’?  Zionism is, by definition, a form of Naziism, the two appeared in Austria/Germany at the same time, roughly, during a revival of ‘ethnic/religious’ identity politics defying the existing old-style empires/nobility rule.  It was part of the ‘nationalism’ movements.  Now, we have this headline which appeared in Russian news but not US media:  Israeli justice minister turns to police after professor calls her ‘neo-Nazi scum’ on FB — RT News

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Saudi Oil Glut Continues As Does War In Syria Which Russia Is Winning

Most everyone is enjoying cheap oil these days.  But oil pumping nations are not happy at all and there is no OPEC anymore as the ISIS gang funds itself via cheap oil sales via Turkey.  Saudi Arabia unveils record deficit as it succumbs to oil price rout – Telegraph


The Saudi government has planned to narrow the deficit to 327bn riyals in 2016, by cutting back spending from 975bn riyals to 840bn riyals. The state has had to resort to tapping its foreign reserves and borrowing from debt markets to finance running costs this year, as it also adopted “some procedures” to cut back spending…


It came as a leading Russian official condemned the Saudi government for “destabilising” oil prices. Alexander Novak, the Russian energy minister, was reported by news agency Tass as saying that an increase in Saudi oil production was “effectively destabilising the situation on the market”.


The entire Saudi society is a welfare organization and is run by thugs who brutally rule in a fashion few nations can surpass.  Once the welfare money is cut to the lower classes while the Saudi royal clan continues to live in extreme luxury, the chances of an ISIS uprising increases.  Russia is now right next door to Saudi Arabia bombing ISIS and driving them out of the cities in Syria.  ISIS Bombs Restaurants in Syria’s Kurdish Northeast, Many Killed as the fighting in Syria increases due to Russia’s pressure.


Turkey’s Offensive Kills 200 Rebels, 150 Civilians.  In the US news,  Turkey’s Campaign Against Kurdish Militants Takes Toll on Civilians says the New York Times.  Since Turkey is a NATO ally, it is OK to do this whereas if Russia kills even one civilian during this war, the yells about how evil Putin is rises to deafening levels.  Of course, the US has a very long and ugly history of killing civilians during wars including the spectacular annihilation of nearly every civilian when the US nuked two Japanese cities.


Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan says Assad killed 400,000 which is not backed up by anything and which is pointing fingers when doing the same thing which is funny to watch except that NATO conspired to destroy Assad from day one and worked hard to insure that foreign radicals could invade Syria and fight there since Israel and Saudi Arabia both hate Assad for religious reasons (Assad is not the same Muslim religion as Saudi Arabia’s despots).


The UN supervised the retreat of Fighters, civilians evacuated to Turkey; 32 killed in Homs.  That is, these are the people who were encouraged to rise up against Assad and who helped destroy the country in hopes of launching a smaller state hostile to Assad.  Breaking up Syria helps Israel and Saudi Arabia dominate the region.  It is notable that these people were moved into despotic Turkey which still has ‘elections’ but increasingly is moving towards autocratic rule.


Despite the cease-fire deal, there have been two major bomb attacks in the city in the last two weeks. Twin blasts in the Zahra district of Homs, claimed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) killed 16 people on Dec. 12, and at least 32 people were killed when two bombs exploded in the same quarter on Monday.


Another deal, that sought to extract over 2,000 ISIL fighters from south Damascus, was scuttled last week in a blow to UN efforts to end a years-long government siege of parts of the city controlled by a patchwork of rebel and jihadist groups that has impeded the flow of food and humanitarian aid, starving many people to death.

Bashar al-Assad’s government, and Turkey, which backs the rebels, helped organize local cease-fires in Zabadani and the two villages in Idlib in September in the first phase of the deal overseen by the International Committee of the Red Cross.


The mostly Sunni Muslim rebel fighters going to Turkey from Zabadani would then be able to go back to rebel-held areas in Syria through the northern Turkish border or stay for treatment, according to rebel sources close to the negotiations. The Shiite Syrians leaving the besieged towns in the north would be able to get to Lebanon where Hezbollah would be able to watch over them, added the sources.


Video: Dramatic video of Russian air strikes ‘on Islamic State oil empire’ – Telegraph in England shows.  Russian successes are ignored or played down in the US or is reported as US victories.


Back in the US, Donald Trump pulls into statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in 2016 race | Daily Mail Online


In a hypothetical matchup with Trump, Clinton is now just 2 points ahead in a poll whose margin of error is 3. And 36 per cent of GOP voters say they’re excited about voting, nearly double the number of Democrats.


Hillary Clinton preparesto unleash ‘secret weapon’ husband Bill to boost campaign in key early states. Which is hilarious.  The US media is nearly all howling at Trump like crazed dogs trying to tree a raccoon which is throwing feces at them.  The more the howl, the more popular he is with the majority of Republican voters which drives the media owners crazy.  More propaganda, they decide!


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US Military Actions In Syria Aimed At Russia And Syrian Government And Is Really Protection Of Terrorists

This 1946 film shows actual footage of the atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan – YouTube

The US media is a propaganda machine.  In the case of all the governments of Muslim countries that Israel wanted overthrown, the chaos and destruction of these countries turning them into wrecks has been the US strategy for years now.  Ever since Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9/11, all the energy fighting terrorists (sic) have been directed at countries that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.  Here is the latest attempt by the NYT to explain what is going on in Syria:  In ISIS Strategy, U.S. Weighs Risk to Civilians – The New York Times


The three-month-old Russian air campaign has stood in stark contrast to the caution of American military planners. The Russian campaign has mostly targeted rebel groups in northwestern Syria that are opposed to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and it has deployed fighter jet that use largely unguided bombs to strike their targets, killing hundreds of civilians, human rights groups say.


The fear among many in Syria and the West is that the Russian campaign is handing the Islamic State and other militants a major propaganda victory. American officials say that if the United States were to go the same route, it would be likely to alienate the local Sunni tribesmen whose support is critical to ousting the militants, and the Sunni Arab countries that are part of the fragile American-led coalition.

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US Blames Russia For Bombing Syrian Air Base, Trump Attacked Nonstop For Suggesting No More Muslim Immigration

The chaos of the NATO invasion of Syria is causing inevitable disasters easily foreseen since the US has zero desire to cooperate with Russia and Assad who is at least a semi-sane man unlike our rulers here who are obviously totally insane.  Now that someone bombed Assad’s people, there is the inevitable yelling about who did this.  US coalition kills three Syrian soldiers in airstrike but the US is ‘certain’ Russia was behind airstrike which killed three Syrian soldiers after Assad had blamed the States


‘The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this flagrant aggression by the U.S. led coalition forces, which blatantly violates the objectives of the UN charter,’ the foreign ministry said in a letter to the UN Security Council and secretary general.


‘The Syrian foreign ministry demands the UN Security Council act immediately in the face of this aggression and take appropriate measures to prevent its recurrence.’

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