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Illegal And Legal Aliens Attack Sweden, USA: DNC Loves This, Bilderberg Gang Encourages This

Liberals have destroyed Sweden.  They opened the doors wide to a mass invasion of very hostile and dangerous Muslims who are now systematically destroying the country.  All of Europe is now being actively destroyed and this is 100% the responsibility of the Bilderberg gang, a gang of powerful, rich, spoiled brats who hate the citizens of all first world democracies and want to rule us like Saudi Arabia is ruled by its royals.

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Jeff Bezos Wants High CO2 Taxes On Energy While He Lives In Huge Mansions And Flies Private Jets

washington post lies about global warming as usual May 2014


The global warming propaganda is in full scream now.  The Washington Post, owned by a California dude who owns huge mansions and private jets, is howling about how we are all going to roast to death unless we ride bikes and live in ‘tiny houses’ which our billionaire media owners have been lavishing praise.  The above graphs used by the WP to describe the climate are presented with false interpretations.  So I corrected this by adding some data lines to fix the problems and lo and hehold: no global warming.

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