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Adjunct Fired Suddenly After Comparing Job To ‘Being A Nigger On A Plantation’

​Majority of US college campuses becoming ‘no-free-speech’ zones …and this story is from Russian TV. Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities | Education | The Guardian which is hilarious because the Guardian has severe censorship aimed at preventing anyone from disputing ‘global warming’ ideology.  Censorship flourishes on both the left and the right as everyone is eager to silence anyone disputing anything with anybody.  Ideology is everything, disputes are resolved via suppression and destruction.


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Riots Break Out All Over The Earth Due To High-Energy Cost Depression Grips Lower Classes

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Test question: Is the above picture showing riots in Ukraine to overthrow the elected President there?  Answer: Nope.  It is Spain.  Spanish riot police arrest 12 in clashes with anti-austerity protesters | World news | theguardian.comMarch for Dignity: Spain has ‘had enough’, say 2.5 million protesters.  The government there is imposing IMF rules on the population and is very unpopular and the people there will be militarily suppressed with the EU and US cheering this.

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US And EU Elites Offer $15 Billion To New Upstarts In Kiev While Punishing Everyone Else Who Needs Money At Home

After some secret arm twisting by the US and the rich elites who run our nation downhill, the EU has agreed to join the US in offering the coup in Ukraine the same money Putin offered Ukraine before being bit in the hand for this.  Both the EU and the US has told people at home, there is no money for citizens.  Suddenly, voila!  There it is, conjured out of thin air as ‘loans’ which the Ukraine rump semi-state has zero chance of repaying since it needs $35 billion just to stay afloat and pay back Russia.

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Ethnic/Religious Politics In NY/NJ: Battles Rage

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Jon Stewart Takes on Chris Christie Presser: Tone He’s Set Is Apparently in ‘F U Sharp’ – YouTube

The Tristate Region is a huge mass of ethnic/religious mixings and the underlying political reality is very much based on ethnic/religious associations.  This is also true of gangsters, each ethnic group has its own Mafia system and this intersects with politics in a huge way thanks to gambling money, drug funds and other illicit money flows.  When scandals hit the news, the reaction to these usually follows ethnic lines.

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