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Brooklyn Jewish Female Professor Claims ‘Math Meritocracy Is White Racism’

American mathletes come in 4th place in International Mathematical Olympiad – YouTube


The successful US Math Olympiad team is all Jewish/Korean/Chinese/MALE.  Why is that?  Evolution’s actions have a huge lot to do with this.  True, there are female geniuses (ahem) but they are far, far fewer than male geniuses.  All humans descended from apes that were geniuses, the apes which figured out how to turn rocks into more efficient killing tools were ape geniuses and the super genius apes which figured out how to create fires via chipping one rock against another created what we call ‘humans’.  We are in a political matrix right now where leftists are screaming that all of us are the same and science and math are not real and so we don’t need these things.

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Project Veritas Has More CNN Videos…In NJ, Hasid Jews Arrested For Welfare Fraud, NO BAIL Needed

Covers for June 28, 2017 | New York Post attacks CNN.

The veil hiding the fake news systems is being ripped to shreds.  The liberals cling to fake news with desperation and I am a real liberal who has been quite alienated by the crazy quilt world of ‘liberalism’ which is based on lies about free trade, what money is really, exporting jobs hurting citizens, armies of illegal aliens committing crimes and stealing jobs and living off of welfare while our budget deficit shoots upwards!  I am for personal freedom and equality and not this pandering, letting people steal stuff, as well as lying about real information that can be confirmed.

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Like In US, Liberal Germans Ignore Apartheid In Israel While Demanding Open Borders To Muslims At Home

Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 7.44.28 AM

America’s Agitator Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man


So, according to the liberal media, Der Spiegel, Trump is the most dangerous man on earth because he wants to protect US borders by keeping out terrorists! Bush, on the other hand, literally kissed and literally bowed to the most repressive regime on earth next to North Korea, that is, the Saudi royals and this was ‘logical and reasonable’ according to liberals who run Der Spiegel!  All our rulers ought to kiss ass of other even more vicious rulers…no?  This illogical and even evil position being taken by ‘liberals’ these days astonish me.  I was against Saudi repression way back when I was 16 years old.  I was also against Chinese communist suppression of liberty back then and at a major meeting of leftists, was physically attacked by the SDS crew for being a traitor to the ‘revolution’.  HAHAHA.  Bush is the dude who invited in the Saudi 9/11 terrorists!!!

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DOW Falls, World Trade Suffers As Muslim Wars Spread Across EU And Middle East

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So, Jews in Israel are up in arms against each other over the issue of ‘who is a Nazi’?  Zionism is, by definition, a form of Naziism, the two appeared in Austria/Germany at the same time, roughly, during a revival of ‘ethnic/religious’ identity politics defying the existing old-style empires/nobility rule.  It was part of the ‘nationalism’ movements.  Now, we have this headline which appeared in Russian news but not US media:  Israeli justice minister turns to police after professor calls her ‘neo-Nazi scum’ on FB — RT News

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NATO Approves Of Full Military Attacks On Separatist East Ukrainians After Fake Election: Many Killed

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In Slavyansk, a young woman is killed by a bomb attack by US/NATO Ukraine occupation forces.


This brings little in the way of headlines in the US/Bilderberg owned media.  But the coup in Kiev launched full scale military warfare on citizens objecting to the coup in Eastern Ukraine.  All attempts by Putin to talk nice and do nothing has led to a continuous blood bath in a number of cities.  I recall Obama and his henchman, Kerry, whining about Syria stopping an uprising using military force!  They wanted the UN to condemn this.  Now, it is OK to do the exact same thing.  In Egypt, Sisi won his fake election after disbanding opposing parties and executing the entire leadership of the #1 political party.  The US duo aping Bush and Cheney fully approve of this fake ‘democracy’.

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Mrs. Obama Complains About Increasing ‘Resegregation’ In Schools

One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America – YouTube, Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA.

Just this week, at a commencement speech, the First Lady complained about the deteriorating situation in schools especially predominantly black schools.  Here is the NYT story complete with no comments allowed:  Michelle Obama Cites View of Growing Segregation – NYTimes.com


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AIPAC And Netanyahu Demand US Free Pollard For Phantom Peace Deal

Chris Christie apologizes for ‘occupied territories’ remark: GOP candidates for President including the soon to be indicted Christie went to Las Vegas to audition to a gang of AIPAC billion/millionaires for support to run for office.  Christie casually referred to the ‘occupied territories’ when discussing how he will personally force the Palestinians to vanish for Adelson, the chief honcho Jewish paymaster.

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