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Davos Meeting Crawls Onwards While Yemen Rebel Victory Ends US Assassin Drones

▶ Jon Stewart Slams ‘Financial Journalists’ for Fawning Davos Coverage – YouTube

Click here to see the super rich jokester ripping fellow rich dudes: Jon Stewart slams outrageous hypocrisy of the Davos World Economic Forum – Salon.com,  He recently sold his multimillion dollar home in NYC.


But back in the Real World, the US/Muslim wars, the U.S.has been forced to suspend counterterror operations with Yemen after the Shi’ite fighters surrounded the Palace and the government resigned.  The Saudi/US effort to kill Shi’ites is now a failure.  The assassin drone program is a joke.  It doesn’t work.  At all.  Anywhere on earth.  It is cowardly, more cowardly than say, the assassins in Paris who attacked Charlie.

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10% Of Population, At Least 400,000 Probably Dead Or Infected In Liberia—Also, New Possible Ebola Test That Really Works

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The dynamics of the African epidemic continues to cause news.  Ebola: Liberia deaths ‘far higher than reported’ as officials downplay the real numbers…which makes perfect sense.  The official numbers are collected by governments (of a sort) in these African nations that can’t even do simple censuses, is woefully inadequate. I reason that roughly 10% of the population of Liberia is either infected or dead already.  And the disease continues to spread.  The good news for all of us outside of Africa is a new invention from Harvard microbiologists:  Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes — RT News, that is news from good old evil Russian media!  I am so happy I can get news from all over the world rather than from our much less reliable domestic sources.  Below is a picture of the RNA detection paper which can be used for other diseases, too, I hope.

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Ethnic/Religious Politics In NY/NJ: Battles Rage

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Jon Stewart Takes on Chris Christie Presser: Tone He’s Set Is Apparently in ‘F U Sharp’ – YouTube

The Tristate Region is a huge mass of ethnic/religious mixings and the underlying political reality is very much based on ethnic/religious associations.  This is also true of gangsters, each ethnic group has its own Mafia system and this intersects with politics in a huge way thanks to gambling money, drug funds and other illicit money flows.  When scandals hit the news, the reaction to these usually follows ethnic lines.

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