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Bitcoin Conman Kidnapped In Ukraine: Bitcoin Systems Very Vulnerable To Theft



One of the stupidest scams since the Tulip Bulb mania hundreds of years ago is the fake money, ‘Bitcoin’ and other scams that rely on computer generated data to make ‘money’ appear out of thin air without even a scrap of paper or any realistic backing of this scam.  Well, all the crud is rising to the top now with the news that a shady character in Eastern Europe who runs a bitcoin scam business was ‘kidnapped’ yesterday and if anyone thinks this stupid business is ‘secure’ they are nuts.  It isn’t even slightly secured.

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Mega Labor Exploiter Nation, US, Cherry Picks ‘Labor Exploiting’ Nations: The Usual ‘Bad Guys’

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 4.42.17 PM

The silly  map above shows all the nations that are mean to labor and who ‘exploit’ workers.  HAHAHA.  Most are either our ‘communist’ (sic) rival imperial powers who are nuclear bomb nations and as per usual, Iran, of all things.  And Uzbekistan where ‘terrorists’ come from.  The insanity of this map is instantly obvious.  Across the capitalist powers, workers are losing pensions, wages are dropping like rocks, to gain jobs, young people have to go very deep into debt for ‘schools’ and floods of aliens are allowed to cross borders to keep citizens from organizing into unions and in the US millions and millions of lower class peons are put in prisons for ‘drug dealing’ and are then treated as slave labor.

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