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Kim Kills Everyone Who Negotiated With Trump?

This news should cause great fear in all leftists: ALL leftist regimes end up exactly like this monster in North Korea.  Brutal, intolerant, people starving to death, work camps, no freedoms at all.  Over and over and over again, we see the same results.  Sweden is very socialist and is ending up violent, no free speech, people released for raping women while people posting comments about this are put in prison for ‘wrongthink’.  This is what the DNC desperately wants to do to us, here in the USA.

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Bilderberg Gang Goes Ape: North Korea Kim Unwavering Trust Trump

HAHAHA.  So, the gang running our media and Hollywood, etc. will go nuts after claiming Kim hated Trump and was rearming North Korea, Kim does a classic Trump slap down!  Now that he is working with Trump, this will mean Trump is even more evil by stopping WWIII in Asia.  The more ‘dangerous rivals’ make peace with Trump, the angrier the DNC and the elites grow in rage.  Also, Japan gets another earthquake on top of a typhoon this week.

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Very Rare And Beautiful Apollo Bronze Statue Found By Gaza Fisherman Doesn’t Make Headline News In US

bronze Apollo statue found in Gaza

Greek god statue mystery: 2,000 year old bronze Apollo surfaces in Gaza – YouTube: this big art news story was put on the back pages of the US Zionist media.  It is big news in Israel, of course.  And all our media giants have an army of Jewish reporters there.  And the NYT in particular is supposed to be this sophisticated paper that talks about ‘high culture’ art stuff all the time…and nary a peep.  One can only find this story by using Google to see where it has been tucked away under this collective bed.  Even in the foreign press, it is buried in a bed of rank lies about Gaza.


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