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The Very Brave Daily Mail In London: Bilderberg Gang Is Cheating On Taxes And Commission Is Investigating This Crime!

Breitbart News Network: European voters are increasingly angry about foriegners invading their homelands.


Undercover at Bilderberg – the world’s most elitist secret society | Daily Mail Online: the Daily Mail has had a huge coup: they managed to get a reporter inside the Bilderberg conspirator’s enclave.  This reported didn’t find anything new due to this but the article is new in a huge, huge way: they actually are reporting real news suddenly.  What caused the Daily Mail to finally break the omerta wall of silence by reporting on ILLEGAL things this group is doing to the planet earth?  This is a must-read story indeed.

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Russia Is Winning War With NATO And Bankrupt US: Disastrous Diplomacy Drives US Destruction

Watch this celebration in Red Square in Moscow last May!  The Russians are very focused on regaining military espirit d’corps.  The EU troops, on the other hand, are mainly sloppy and dispirited.  The neocons who rule us are unable to explain away their utter diplomatic failure when they drove Russia into China’s arms.  Here is an editorial by a criminal neocon whining about all this and trying desperately to explain away this immense, historic alliance developing between Russia and China who share a HUGE border which is now safe.

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Kissinger Screams ‘Der New Vorld Order Ist Kollapsink!’ As Russian Rebels Destroy Ukraine Coup Army

‘Dawn of Libya’ Islamist militia lets journalists TOUR American embassy in Tripoli which the US and NATO empires had to flee last month.   Tails between legs, this infuriates that old Zionist war criminal, Henry Kissinger  who whines about this collapse of his precioussss Bilderberg New World Order (at the WSJ, naturally!).  Meanwhile, as the US and EU scream about evil Putin ‘stealing parts of Ukraine’ both sit silent as Netanyahu does exactly the same thing.

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Ferguson Cop Who Just Wanted Order Meets Naive Young Poor Black Male Wanting To Be A Rapper

After a senseless police shooting, the riots and chaos continues with the usual results.  Some liberals believe that if enraged, people have the right to loot, riot and burn everything.  Many of these same ‘liberals’ also believe that Palestinians have no right to fight the Israeli war machine but must surrender without asking for anything in return.  Meanwhile, as we arm Israel, we struggle to deal with social chaos at home, much of which is caused by the huge, huge unemployment rate of many of our youths, whatever sort or race.  Especially the black community which is being relegated to ‘useless eaters‘ as Kissinger wrote in his ‘Security Memorandum’ to the President.

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Obama Meets Xi To Discuss US Schizophrenic Foreign Policies That Might Trigger WWIII

Miz liberty is going bankrupt

The Chinese have cleverly played the Bilderberg gang and the Council of Foreign Relations starting with Nixon who belonged to the later, not the former group.  But the foreign policy strong arm man for Nixon was Kissinger, a key Bilderberg/CFR participant.  These conspiratorial organizations gave birth to the EU which Germany and Britain’s citizens are increasingly upset about, losing significant sovereignty.  In the case of the US, citizens here no longer have any power over Congress or Presidents we elect and our media lies to us about all this due to the owners belonging to these same identical conspiratorial organizations, too!  The Chinese understood all of this early on, after coming out of their shell with the arrest of Madame Mao, they deliberately went all over the world seeking people to explain how things work and one person they went to for advice was me.  Trusting my father who had many intimate connections with Zhou Enlai, he said I could teach Chinese cadres about foreign trade and shipping.

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Chemical Weapons Inspectors Get This Year’s Nobel Warmonger Award

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize – NYTimes.com: this award is one of the stupidest on earth.  Mr. Nobel is turning in his grave.The Peace Prize is a joke and has been since given to Kissinger and other warmongers. The chemical inspectors are also a joke since they don’t visit Israel or the US to see what chemical weapons are held in these two very belligerent nations.

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Thoughtless US Stragetic Think Tanks


EASY READING CULTURE OF LIFE NEWS:  Thoughtless US Stragetic Think Tanks « Culture of Life News 2

YouTube – Thoughtless US Stragetic Think Tanks

Since WWII, all Presidents have been pestered by think tanks who think they know better than the rest of us. But they seem to know very, very little and also give very, very bad advice. Over the last half a century, they have grown in number from under ten to over 100. Continue reading


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