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Russian Ukrainian Citizens Are Now Winning NATO War: Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out

The insanity never ends. As our media giants work breathlessly to trick the US public into supporting the future WWIII which will mean all our major cities will be in ruins…wait!!! They already ARE in ruins thanks to letting minorities run riot and do massive drug dealing, etc.!  And then removing all honest manufacturing jobs overseas or handing these to illegal aliens.  Yes, so Obama and his team put in charge of the DEA a Recovering alcoholic nominated to be drug czar.

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US And NATO Have Been Hunting Down And Destroying Rival Oil/Gas Selling Nations Like Russia, Iraq, Iran and Libya

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s pathetic response to Putin – The Washington Post: the Jewish far right wing fascists who have a huge perch at the NYT, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are in full bellow for us to restart the Cold War and this is a war against not one but all oil pumping nations that aren’t allies of Israel.  The howls about global warming are aimed directly at oil and gas because the hope is to cripple the profits of these non-Israel allied nations while raising the profits of the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and incidentally, EU gas/oil sellers like the Netherlands and Norway.  Cheap Russian oil and gas drives down the profits of the other sellers to Europe.  The Russian sales benefit mainly Germany which has the greatest export profits and needs cheaper gas and the boycotts will strangle Germany by forcing them to buy only from Western/pro-Israel sources which will have higher prices than Russia by a long, long shot. Continue reading


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