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Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

▶ Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD) – YouTube

It increasingly looks like, despite the news that the Prince of England is spawning more children, the Scots want to exit this lovely hotel and live on their own which has thoroughly enraged the Bilderberg gang which wants to decimate many countries but not their home bases like England or the US.  Or Ukraine, for that matter.  But the Scots are determined and the more the media owners and their political pals scream at the Scots, the more the Scots shake their fists and yell their famous battle cries.

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‘Real Climate’ Blog Virtually Never Mentions Blizzards When Talking About ‘Extreme Weather’

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RealClimate: blizzards: I did a search for any mention of blizzards at this ‘science’ site that is supposed to tell us the truth about something as obvious as the weather.  As we see, there is only one reference to the word ‘blizzard’ in the last year and it was in September when this site was trying to explain away global cooling with this story: RealClimate: What ocean heating reveals about global warming.

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Krugman Doesn’t Understand How Government Debt Flows Into Offshore Banks

Paul Krugman is the leading ‘expert’ (sic) for wild money printing and wild government spending as a cure for a huge credit bubble breaking.  Both the left and the right are wrong about what ails the world economic system.  We are drowning in a flood of red ink and money printing since the winners of world trade manufacturing exporting are those who destroy their home base currency making exports cheaper.  And the money produced by this flood of ZIRP lending by central banks flows instantly to offshore banks.  So far, $34 trillion sits there, outside of the economies the liberals want to grow via government debt.  This debt=more money in offshore accounts, less money at home. Continue reading


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Inflation Keynesian Krugman Wants Us To Imitate Japan’s LDP Wild Spending

Die, stupid yen

Treasury Won’t Mint Platinum Coin to Avoid Debt Ceiling because it was insane in the first place.  The truth of the matter is simple: if you are going to have a coup, do it.  If the President is unable to run the country due to Southerners, mainly, refusing to pass budgets, we either have a coup or we stop our wars suddenly and totally.  It is pretty simple.  But AIPAC wants the wars to continue and the rich want their tax cuts no matter what while the politicians use the excuse, ‘We have no money!’ to cut social services, the wars rage onwards, Pentagon spending continues to shoot upwards and the trade deficit continues to be ignored and our banking system with no capital continues to lend money they don’t really have…Krugman wants to fix this by imitating Japan.  And frankly, the GOP wants this, too.

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