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Working Japanese People To Death While Running Giant Government Deficits


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A Rubric for Comprehensive Tax Reform — The Tokyo Foundation

To preserve for future generations, I am going to simply post the comments to an article about Death by overwork on rise among Japan’s vulnerable workers ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion which shows how utterly destroyed the Japanese people are today, unable to fight back when reduced to a very noxious level of servitude and poverty so Japan can export products to America which has seen its own industrial base laid to ruin.  Japan has zero excuse for high debt when it has a trade surplus.  Look at this graph below to see how noxious it is in Japan:

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Cameron Threatens To Take UK Out Of EU Due To Aliens Invading England

▶ €315 Billion: EU unveils plan to revive its ailing economy – YouTube


The sanctions against Russia are destroying Europe’s economy.  World oil prices are falling which hurts Russia…but also all the US supported Muslim dictatorships in the Middle East.  In England, the political system is blowing up due to EU policies and the banking collapse.  The EU and US press are in a full-blown effort to show that Crimea is very unhappy with Putin’s protection while totally ignoring the savage military attacks on Eastern Ukraine.  This is all part of a huge Xmas package celebrating WWI.  From Bilderberg Santa Claus, our friendly local rulers.

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Boeing Seeks Cheap Labor, Huge Tax Cuts In Bidding War: Union Destruction Continues War On Labor

I have tracked Boeing for years and years.  Boeing jobs were ‘good’ (i.e.: union) jobs but after thirty years of free trade and open borders, after the former slave states passed anti-union laws, we have this result:  Boeing (BA) 777X: Economic Warfare Between States For Boeing Jobs Is Hurting The Poor, Endangering Public Services And Only Serves Foreign Customers

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