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Pentagon, Presidents Never Change: All End Up War Criminals (Reliving 1972)

Mahler: Symphony No. 3 / Bernstein · Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -I discovered this symphony in 1965 as I belonged to this Classical Music record club and they sent me Mahler’s tragic music, one symphony at a time.


This terrible picture is from 1972…Below is a 1972 story from the NYT about Pentagon Paper bomb facts…This happened AFTER the Pentagon Papers revealed the truth.


As we approach the New Year, we are simultaneously in the deep, dark past.  That is, the US military/war machine continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over again as US diplomacy does the dumbest things on earth to insure we never learn from past mistakes and the only difference between 1965 and 2016 is the names of some of the stupid people who seem unable to learn a blasted thing from history.  U.S. Eye in the Sky Glares at ISIS as Battle Brews in Syria the New York Times reports:


American commanders said the aerial surveillance and bombing campaign targeting the Islamic State in Iraq could play an even greater role in Syria. The air war will support fighters on the ground in the looming offensive to retake Raqqa, the terrorist group’s capital in Syria.


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Warmongering DNC Clintons Air LBJ Ad About Nuclear War, Is This Time Travel All Over Again???

“Daisy Girl” Rare 1964 Lyndon Johnson Political Ad -aired only once- 9/7/64 – YouTube

Doctor Who is definitely running this year’s DNC campaign to rule us all.  Desperate for power as her election goes up in flames, Hillary Clinton implies Donald Trump will start a nuclear war in remake of ‘Daisy’ ad with her ‘update’ with the lady who played the little girl in the ad.  I remember some of the ads run by the DNC way back when I was only 14 years old and already had use of my father’s short wave radio and getting news from far and wide especially my dim window on the communist world via Radio Bulgaria, my favorite place for unusual news.  That election was LBJ versus a family friend of my father, Barry Goldwater.  I didn’t know LBJ but I certainly knew Barry!  The smear campaign of the Democrats making it look like Barry would start WWIII when LBJ suddenly, BEFORE the election, began his march to starting WWIII which didn’t happen only because the Russians decided to not join in this suicidal war.  We were very lucky they didn’t but I grew up in a world where we practiced at home what to do if the war did start.


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Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

Because the EU and US elites needed badly to demonize Russia again so they could control their home populations, scare them and herd them into destructive economic choices, they used the shooting down of the Air Malaysia flight as a propaganda tool.  But this works only if no one sees the actual evidence so they deliberately hid this now for two months.  I keep waiting for them to release this data online and of course, the longer it is buried, the more obvious it is, the actual data totally contradicts the official stories put out by Western media and all the EU/US rulers who conspired, yes, CONSPIRED to lie about this matter.  Now, investigators who are professionals are refusing to go along with the ‘Blame Putin!’ game and are telling the truth.  The contract for Putin to supply the Space Station was terminated even though it was very cheap, and replaced with a very expensive alternative run by our billionaires, the ‘Dragon’ rocket which was named after the song.

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Swiss Confirm Arafat Assassinated By Polonium Radioactive Poison, US Media Downplays Explosive Story

Yasser Arafat ‘was poisoned using radioactive polonium’, tests reveal | Mail Online, says the lead story in a British ‘cute girls/crime’ rag in Britain.  In America, this story is less interesting like with the New York Times  headline, Swiss Report Supports Theory Arafat Was Poisoned uses the word ‘theory’ which is not the word used in Europe describing this crime.  So does the Washington Post which at least made this explosive story front page and not buried in the far boondocks like the NYT.

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No longer can people delude themselves about ‘change’ when it comes to Obama reversing course.  Obama is submitting yet another multibillion dollar bill to Congress to pay for the expansion of US imperial wars.  5 US soldiers were blown up in ‘stable’ Iraq yesterday.  This is a harbinger of more deaths to come as we try to withdraw into our Fortress where Saddam used to rule Iraq.  And Afghanistan roars onwards, straight to hell.  A report from a ‘progressive’ [sic] think tank filled with dumbbells talks about how we have to INCREASE the systems surrounding the DC Kremlin so we can protect America via running a massive empire bent on torture and conquest.  Oh, and free Tibet!  The Chinese are mean!  They are fighting mountain natives….! Continue reading


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