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SJW Reality Winner Wanted To Cause Terror Then Flee To Muslim Country


The New York Times has a tiny side story about Reality Winner, a SJW young person who went to school to learn how to be a revolutionary terrorist.  She actually openly talked about doing terror attacks!  This is being studiously ignored by the US mainstream fake news but overseas, we get some of the true information.  To get the big story, we go to England where the Daily Mail has it in full.

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Reality Winner Is Big Loser In Dirty Leaks Game

Reality Winner Psy-Op: The Intercept Rats Out Deep State NSA Contractor Shill and Top Secret Leaker – YouTube

Federal contractor Reality Leigh Winner arrested for sending classified NSA intelligence to news outlet: Trump has to stop the flow of leaks.


What a name!  Reality Winner is today’s biggest loser.  Her parents are probably ‘hippie’ types.  Well, she stepped on this landmine.  She will spend much of her misspent youth in prison now.  This ‘leak’ was a liberal scheme to frame Trump by connecting him to Russia yet again.  Unfortunately, Wikileaks leaders have no idea that this is a scam, not revealing important information of people committing crimes.  It is ‘dirty pool’ not ‘information we need.’

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Japan Lawmaker Gives Fukushima Letter To Emperor Because LDP Abe Is Goofing Off

A desperate Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor infuriating the ruling elites who use this guy as their personal puppet.  The Emperor could denounce the militarization of Japan and the impending war with China!  He could also talk about Fukushima and shame the elites into doing something sane.  Instead, he does all the crummy little, goofy ceremonies while running back to his palace to hide under his futon.  The lawmaker who dared to do this was forced to apologize to the gang that is running Japan into the ground, fast.


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