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Saudi Coup On Lebanon, Threaten War, Yemen Shoots Missiles Deep In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia accuses Lebanon of ‘declaring war’ for Hezbollah’s actions – YouTube


It appears that fighters in Yemen have been given missiles which they shot deep into Saudi Arabia, aimed at the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, and I saw a video of at least three missiles.  What is annoying is, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for the last two years!  Right on the heels of a massive coup by one branch of the Saudi ruler’s tree, chaos is spreading as the Saudis forced the President of Lebanon to resign when he came visiting in that chaos Kingdom.  The Saudis think they should bomb Lebanon right on the border of Syria but then, they are openly, tonight, allying with ISRAEL.  This means…this new ruler of Saudi Arabia won’t last very long, the news that they are allies with Israel has barely hit the streets but will be known by everyone within the next few days.

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Rich Get Richer, Pentagon Wild Spending Worthless, Our Empire Near Collapse

Our empire seems trapped in this system whereby rich people run Congress and own the Presidents and these do their bidding which is making the rich, richer:  Corporate 1% in U.S. Gets Wealthier While Cash Piles Up and the middle class, the heart of the empire’s power, much poorer and more vulnerable.  Wild spending on imperialist wars mainly aimed at Russia, China and all Muslims who are not part of the Bilderberg gang, is bankrupting our nation.  And the wild wars overseas are expanding, not ending, quite violently.

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Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

The people of the autonomous region of Crimea have decided to have a vote about being ruled by a gang of upstarts who overthrew and elected President totally illegally.  So they want to probably sever themselves from the US/NATO regime.  This, in turn, is causing the European confederation to issue threats:  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Illegal’ Crimean referendum condemned

In press conferences after the talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy both said the Crimean referendum was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and therefore illegal.

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