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Violent Hysteria Grips Liberal Nations

The Gateway Pundit: this online publication carries quite a bit of real news.  I find this very interesting, it also has ‘hit pieces’ but this is in a world that is mainstream media publishing nothing but ‘hit pieces’ attacking Trump over every possible iota of whatever they can seize including totally fake scandals while hiding or refusing to discuss real triumphs and changes for the better under Trump’s guidance.  This very much includes the wall to stop massive illegal alien invasions, the mainstream medai supports replacing citizens with hostile foreign entities many of whom openly talk about or do things intended to destroy our nation. This is called ‘treason’ and we have rising violence due to political hysteria like the Jacksonville shooting.

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Zionist Liberals Are Really Fascists

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Twitter / AnitaGunn1: It’s scary when Bill Maher …a typical reaction of fake liberals in the US.  Many of them are also fascist Zionists and think that stealing from Palestinians and killing them with brute force is a liberal enterprise not a fascist crime.  The liberal community is being torn slowly asunder thanks to this.  It is a mental illness that causes schizophrenic reactions to reality.  That is, it is naughty for non-Jews to discriminate or invade or steal but it is wonderful to do this if you are a Jew.  The latest invasion of poorly armed, helpless, poor Gaza brings out the vampire in many Jewish liberals.


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