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NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

Across the world, many are reporting the news about the blimp protest against the NSA data collection center in Utah.  For many months now, various protests have been tried and this is the latest one, done by a coalition of groups with both left and right members, mostly leftists.  Snowden is a libertarian, for example.  I have always wanted a stronger left/right Constitutional rights/antiwar coalition but this has been shattered by two political forces, both of which are stupid.  That is, the global warming insanity on the left and the anti-women’s, minorities and gay civil rights attitude on the right.  Maybe we will find common ground again by dropping both peculiar itches.

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Lavabit Publishes Government Secret Order To Spy On Snowden, Site Shuts Down

The Lavabit news is huge inside the online community.  I have been on the internet since conception back when it was a NASA/Pentagon operation connecting various physics and astronomy and other departments.  From day one, the government was most anxious to spy on the scientists many of whom were quite naive about this.  I always assumed the government is spying on me online.  Not the slightest doubt.  But the libertarians who are the core of the internet systems and computer world figured out ways to evade government eyeballs and thus, the alternative web which was secretive, flourished.


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