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Labour Leaders In UK Say They Must Appeal To White Working Class Youth

Bilderberg Group – The Secret Rulers of the World [Full Documentary] – YouTube

In much of Europe and definitely in the US, the Bilderberg elites who meet in secret every year to plot how to loot the world and run an immense international empire for their own benefit, run both the left and right wing political parties.  The voters surge from one pole to the other every several years in a desperate attempt to get someone to do what they wish.  Instead, they get the same old, same old.  Over and over again, change is prevented.  Every time one of the left or right political parties is savaged in an election in this futile attempt to get traction with politicians, the leaders, all of whom are part of the Bilderberg conspiracy, join the media owners who are very definitely part of the Bilderberg gang, to explain defeat or victory with voters all of which is done with zero mention of the Bilderberg gang plans which are hatched annually.

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