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New Libya Leader Cooperates Stopping Illegal Alien Invasion

(79) Libyan coast guard threatens to shoot NGO ship – YouTube


Libyan Coast Guard Opens Fire on Pro-Invasion Leftist Ship (Video) – The New Observer:

finally, it is coming to a fast end.  The EU is now terrified of the vast army of criminals invited in by Sweden, Germany and the Belgium.  The door is now finally slamming shut.  All the ‘rescue ships’ are being shut down or they will be blown out of the water.  This is, as I said in the past, a literal invasion.  Now, many EU citizens are demanding this vast multi-million army be sent home again.  As Americans are increasingly fed up by illegal alien invaders demanding full rights while breaking our laws.

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Gunman In Canada Parliament Shooting Is Son Of Immigration Chief

In the Californian desert, UK and US forces crave ‘a crack at the headcutters’ because media stories don’t tell the entire truth.  All the evil things the ISIS army is doing is EXACTLY the same things Saudi Arabia does day and night and has done for the last 100 years.  They are imitating Saudi Arabia’s rulers.  This includes forcing women to wear Saudi-style veils.  Beheadings, beatings, persecution of all other non-Sunni religious people, stoning women, enslaving children and foreign workers and other religious believers, etc. is exactly how our best ally in the Muslim world does daily.


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US Military And China Military Jets And Ships Crowd Each Other Offshore China, Not US

Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 8.50.13 AM

Japan criticized as 2 ministers visit war shrine – WDEF News 12


The United States is slowly going bankrupt.  Our vast military spending and endless wars is responsible for this state of affairs along with the very dangerous and 50 year running trade deficit with mainly our ‘allies’ who we protect.  Now, the US is exploring the idea of starting WWIII with Russia and China and a billion Muslims.  This is beyond insane, it is obviously suicidal.  At the same time, ethnic warfare is raging in US major cities exactly like during the Vietnam War.  Sponsoring coups and arming rebels who run amok worldwide, the US whines if Russia backs rebels on its own borders.

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The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

Hague court orders Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case | Reuters: this hostile ruling will join all the other EU attempts at starting WWIII.  Yukos is the energy business which was basically a Yeltsin drunk looting expedition of Russia’s natural resources.  The EU court even admits this.  But still thinks all governments that take natural resource systems from outsiders (the Russian Mafioso types all moved to London before this happened) should pay them in full!  For returning what often, they shouldn’t have in the first place.

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Israel Cops Say Hamas Did NOT Kill Illegal Setter Kids—Meanwhile, US Warmongers Like Crazy, Telling More Lies

▶ Passenger captures dramatic video of SWAT team storming Toronto plane  -after man told stewardess ‘I want to blow up Canada’ 


The US is an armed camp.  The above video shows how militarized it has become and tactics used overseas or in Israel to keep populations under military heel are used here on citizens.  Meanwhile, the warmongering in our media has been at full blast as they strive to restart the Cold War with the Russian democracy while simultaneously funding and helping fascist coups all over the place.


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CIA Kidnapper And Assassin, Maj. Zembiec, Honored Secretly By CIA

AIPAC owns Congress and the Saudis conspire with our politicians most notably, the Bush family.  Our government considers war spending and aid to Israel to be a bottomless purse while spending money at home is miserly cost cutting and cutting corners.  This is destroying our nation while preserving our insane, huge empire.  As per usual with dying empires, they don’t care about money for home while foreign adventures and tribalism kills the internal structure via bankruptcy and currency devaluations.


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NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

Across the world, many are reporting the news about the blimp protest against the NSA data collection center in Utah.  For many months now, various protests have been tried and this is the latest one, done by a coalition of groups with both left and right members, mostly leftists.  Snowden is a libertarian, for example.  I have always wanted a stronger left/right Constitutional rights/antiwar coalition but this has been shattered by two political forces, both of which are stupid.  That is, the global warming insanity on the left and the anti-women’s, minorities and gay civil rights attitude on the right.  Maybe we will find common ground again by dropping both peculiar itches.

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