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Violent Black Felons Make Rap Video About Killing Police

A video made by a group of rap ‘artists’ who all have extensive violent crime convictions including shooting at police, make a video at a L.I. jail which rents out facility to anti-cop rapper for video.  This video complains about police brutality while openly celebrating macho-man convict brutality as a good thing, why, it is revolutionary!  Bang, bang, resist arrest, get out of jail free if you shut down the cops who are now ordered by Obama to not do ‘racial profiling’ because of course, little old white ladies are just as likely to be violent criminals, right?

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Black Thugs Get Guardian Green Light To Be Bad As Possible


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The liberal push to tell all black people that they have zero reason to change themselves, they have zero responsibility for their own behaviors and that is is OK to be thugs, rioters, crooks, thieves, murderers, rapists and terrorists…continues in this huge reguritation that infuriates me.  I remember when things changed definitely for the worse.  It was the summer of 1977 when mostly black neighborhoods burst into outright looting, arson and terror when the lights simply went out during a thunderstorm!  And this riot went on not for a day or a week but for years afterwards!

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Looting: The Poor Underclass And Rich Upperclass At War With Middle Class

Rioters continue to burn down Ferguson while the governor finally let the National Guard in…far too late.  Increasingly, we see irrationality take over our political system and there are many causes for this one of the biggest being, our political system is totally corrupt due to bribery.  And it is now tone-deaf to voters meanwhile, the underclass unemployed don’t vote hardly at all but instead, are on a rampage which is being exploited for the wrong ends.  ‘Racism’ is NOT fixed by black people burning down cities, it makes it much worse.  Who on earth wants to live or go to school or work with people who might turn around and loot and burn the city?  No one, of course.  But the fantasy that this sort of annihilistic behavior will fix our corrupt system continues.


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Looters And Arsonists Overrun Ferguson Mo. Destroying Everything In Their Path

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We are called ‘racist’ when anyone points out that hoodie-wearing thugs are…bad people.  Note what these young men are protesting: the right to loot liquor stores.  They greatly resent the police interfering with their activities which are utterly anti-social and destructive.  All over poor Ferguson, thugs rampaged and burned, looted and stole stuff.  And the government let them do it because the governor of the state of Missouri was scared of being labeled a ‘racist’.  So we got a wild looting session.

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Germany And China To Build ‘New Silk Road’ Through Russia: The New Power Troika

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The US has spied on Germany nearly totally while pretending this is all about ‘Fighting Terror’.  It turns out the US has been doing economic spying on Germany as well as political.  Germany has to pretend this isn’t a big deal because they run a trade surplus with the US and don’t want to rock the boat.  But under the surface, rage is rising.  The US has blundered badly with the NSA spying.  But won’t terminate this stupid activity.  Oh no, not at all.

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