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First ‘Drought’ Then Rain Then Fires (Then Sex Scandals) And Now Floods In Los Angeles

(13) The 1938 Flood that struck San Bernardino County – YouTube


From drought to lots of snow to fires in the hills to floods again: California still hasn’t had the final event, a massive earthquake but that is overdue already so expect the worst.  This is the nature of the place: very placid, easy place to live and then all hell breaks out and you run for your life.  This is why no native ‘civilization’ ever happened in California for thousands of years whereas Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico had cities and a real civilization.  California is a very easy place to live and even easier to die.  My family came there in 1849 and virtually all descendants left by today.  I would not want to live there.  And I lived there for a while, many years ago.

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Tropical Storms Begin Pouring Rain On Los Angeles

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Post-Tropical Cyclone DOLORESRecord July Rainfall in California Thanks to Former Hurricane Dolores; More Rain Ahead Early This Week (FORECAST) – weather.com as Los Angeles and the entire desert Southwest gets monsoon rains.  Firefighters Gain Ground on Fire After Vehicles Burned on California’s I-15 in the San Fernando Valley.  But Rain calms California fire that jumped freeway, burned cars.

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Obama And First Lady Take Separate Jets/Entourages To Nearly Same Spot In Hollywood For TV Jokes

Obama and Kerry and others have declared war on the rest of us screeching that we are going to roast to death, at least in LA, if we don’t stop flying jets, living in giant palaces and playing golf in Hawaii.  We will all die if we don’t stop burning oil and gas and traveling, etc. Meanwhile, these clowns on the left go flying all over the planet, living in huge mansions and with CO2 footprints the size of the Empire State Building, are stomping on the rest of us trying to not freeze to death this winter.


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Compton, Inspiration For Grand Theft Auto Games, School Guards Get Right To Carry Semi-Auto Guns

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After a number of school shooting where the deranged killer wears body armor, schools in high crime areas are upping their arms, too.  Gun controls are failing, the population is at war with each other and violent video games feed into all this, big time, and ethnic cleansing excuses by Jews makes it worse so we have this sort of crazy stuff going on, our schools are under siege within and without.

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5.1 Earthquake And Many Aftershocks Centered On La Brea Neighborhood In LA

Earthquake activity on West Coast rising rapidly March 2014 IRIS Earthquake Browser – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: I have noticed during the last month that earthquakes are springing up a great deal in California as well as the entire North/South America continents.  There have been a number of medium sized quakes along the entire Atlantic ridge which is where the tectonic plates are spreading.  As this occurs, it shoves the continents over the Pacific Plate and other oceanic plates. Continue reading


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