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Incredibly Stupid Bitcoin Market Bites The Dust, A Total Wipeout

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Bitcoin Bubble Graph Compared to DotCom Crash | Fix Willpower: I recommend this author, Prit Kallas.  He is quite perceptive!  Bravo!

Bitcoin’s Mt. Gox Shuts Down, Loses $409,200,000 Dollars — Recovery Steps and Taking Your Tax Losses.  So, these stupid, worthless, fake money things have finally collapsed.  Unlike tulips of Beanie Babies, the fall isn’t just in the value fans give this fake currency, with the two other items, one is left at least with a flower or a toy!  In the bitcoin case, one is left with nothing.  Not even some paper money which can rise in value as a collector’s item in the far future.

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Silk Road 2.0 Hacked, All The Silly Bitcoins Vanish, Defcon Whines About Thieves

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$2.7 million-worth of Bitcoin stolen as successor to dark web market place Silk Road is hacked and all the precious funny money users wanted to use to do mainly drug deals and nefarious things has vanished, most likely, by government hackers.  Bitcoins are useless for anything except collecting between fans and illicit purchases since anyone can sell these bit thingies to other delusional guys and then buy things with real money so why use it for commerce especially when the market value vacillates all over the place and no one knows unless they consult minute by minute, what it is worth.  And the one receiving the bitcoins can see value plunge by up to 50% in a short time frame so holding is very dangerous.

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