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Merkel Woos Putin For Winter Heating As Utilitarianism Comes With Cold Weather

The cold weather is making you bitchy, says science:

No kidding!  Below zero makes a person outright swearing, pissed off.  You hop up and down and flap your arms across the chest and try hard as hell to find some warm place to run.  It is more interesting than that, it also makes a person think harder and do saner things.  People who do dumb things when it is bitterly cold, die.  I work a lot in severe cold and can attest to this fact.  You become very organized and focused on finishing the task as quickly as possible.  Mainly, shoveling snow or repairing something or going somewhere.

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Dutch Detectives Back Track On Findings, Forced To Claim Russkies Did It

After issuing a mealy-mouthed report two days ago, the Dutch Detectives issued a new statement that contradicts their previous one, namely, they are paying more attention to the belief that the Russians shot down the jet.  Imagine that!  The arm twisting that went on for 48 hours must have jerked their limbs out of their sockets!  So the warmongers of NATO crow that they must punish Putin even more.  And Putin has a finger to the weather which is turning dangerously cold earlier than NATO expected.  I see a frozen EU this winter.

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Obvious: Someone Machine Gunned Down Malaysia Fl MH17 But US Media Sticks To Fake Missile Story

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 6.13.39 AM

As usual, I was right, everyone who defied the NATO propaganda machine were right and above all, Putin was telling the truth: the Dutch investigators of the downing of Flight MH17 on that magic number day in Ukraine, say that the plane was NOT brought down by a missile but was downed by jets shooting it.  Except they don’t say exactly that, they weasel their words and let people figure this fact out, themselves.


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Bilderberg Gang Pushes Hard For WWIII: Russia Demands They Release Malaysia Jet Data, They Refuse

total nuclear warfare

Warmongering Zionist Anne Applebaum talks about causing nuclear war in this editorial:  War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post.  She claims Russia wants nuclear war!  So Scowcroft, Hadley and Miller: NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in this looming nuclear war meaning, the US plans to annihilate Russia using nuclear bombs ignoring China, for example.  The warmongers have gone totally insane at this point.  They really think they will win a nuclear war with Russia and China.

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Zionists Scream About How War On Terror Is Getting More And More Violent As Zionists Attack Everyone Else

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 9.23.56 PM

Here is the front page of yesterday’s New York Times, one of the world’s top Zionist warmongering rags.  Like the War on Drugs, the War on Terror is a total mess because the entire concept is insane due to the fact that raging empires are causing both.  John Kerry, who wrote his lunatic editorial refuses to see who the real terrorists are because he is a Zionist who has no mirror.  McCain learned nothing from the Vietnam war and wants wars all over the place all the time, being deranged himself.  We caused this: Syrian exodus reaches 3 million – UN.  Before the US and Israel decided to decapitate Assad, there were zero refugees and no one was being beheaded or stoned to death in Syria.

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Israel Butchers Hundreds Civilians, Children, US Screams At Russia About Ukraine Killings

Lady Liberty covered with blood accuses Putin of being bloody

The 777 Malaysia air crash still is not investigated properly but this doesn’t stop everyone from lobbing threats and accusations in the wildest manner.  Meanwhile, we have 100% proof that Israel is butchering this ghetto where civilians can’t escape, with diplomatic impunity thanks to the US protecting ethnic cleansing.  The ethnic issues in Ukraine are also ignored by the US for the same reasons.  The ‘It’s OK to ethnic cleanse’ versus, ‘How dare you do this?’ see saw is going to explode in multi-racial, multi-cultural US hinterlands.  For our own survival we have to stop this nonsense.

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After NO Investigation, Ukraine’s NATO Junta Accuses Russians Of Downing Malaysia Airlines

As we hurtle towards WWIII, we have rising chaos occurring in areas where the CIA and NATO are most active.  Surprise!  Today is full of war news as our ‘allies’ seek to drive us deeper into conflicts they cause.  The key news propaganda story today is the mystery of the Malaysia jet that just went down.  Of course, there are many interpretations of what happened.  Kiev deployed powerful anti-air systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash according to Russian news.  Jet Brought Down by Missile, Officials Say even though they said this within minutes of the plane crashing with zero, yes, zero investigation. Meanwhile, Israel Opens a Ground Assault on Gaza deciding that killing more Warsaw Ghetto children is OK if you are Jewish. Krauthammer: Moral clarity in Gaza whereby Jews are allowed to be as violent as they wish while Palestinians are supposed to be disarmed and helpless so if they even raise a rock in defiance of foreign invasion, they are pure evil, naturally.  Zionism is clean as a lamb.

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