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Ebola Spreads In Africa, Is Huge Issue In US, Most Voters Fear It

Martin Salia, Nebraska Ebola Patient, Dies after being brought to the US:


Salia is the sixth doctor in Sierra Leone to be infected with Ebola. It’s unclear how he contracted the virus, though, because he wasn’t treating Ebola patients.


And there is this story:  A doctor’s false Ebola test result proves tragic because this same doctor was said to not have ebola showing us that there is no such thing as being ‘all clear’ until 21 days pass.  Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum • View topic – Two Fatal Ebola Cases In Imam Home In Bamako Mali: yes, ebola is firmly planted there, now, thanks to this religious man bringing it home and everyone touching him and his dead body.

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US Imitates Evil Empire Darth Vader War Tactics: The US Clone Wars Begin

Way back when Lucas, who I knew when I was a student in Arizona at the same time he was going to school, first released his great movie, Star Wars, I said, ‘The US is the Evil Empire.’  That is, Lucas was responding to the antiwar movement back then by glorifying the guerilla fighters who were fighting our empire back then.  He hoped that courage, big hearts and love would overcome the machinery of a greedy, hostile, hungry empire.  He went on further on this topic in later movies which are very popular but guess who is the most dramatic and popular character in these movies?

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US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

USS Reagan staff jokes about radioactive poisoning

Click her to see You Tube video of USS Reagan staff laughing as radiation alarms wail:  The USS Reagan sailors sailed directly into the most deadly plume of nuclear poisons during the worst of the Fukushima explosions and fires.  They thought this was funny!  A joke.  A laugh riot.  Now, a year later, they are scared, understandably.  The economic/financial mess we are in is the same.  We don’t take much of this very seriously and strange going ons cover up what is needed to save us from economic doom.  Everyone has a game plan and few have any basic knowledge as to how systems work, we just sail in circles in and out of poisonous radioactive economic forces that are invisible to us. Continue reading


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