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AIPAC Demands More Sanctions On Iran And Double Military Money For Israel

Our diplomatic and banking systems have been nearly totally destroyed by AIPAC billionaires who are Jewish.  They have this death grip on Congress, the Presidency and above all, our media systems.  This is all exploited on behalf of Zionist dreams of being this Evil Octopus that controls the entire planet earth on behalf of lunatic dreams about eliminating all Muslims, Christians and others from the misnamed ‘Holy Land’.


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NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

NSA scary octopus

Top-secret government spy satellite launched into space with sinister cartoon octopus logo and boast that ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ | Mail Online

The US military/spy organizations that serve our foreign masters who are known as the Global Elites loves to advertise this.  The Evil Octopus is a very apt image of this spy outfit.  Mossad and the CIA have to spy on everyone in order to make the rich bastards even richer.  Note how the Evil Octopus is crouching on the US.  This is because the US public is paying 100% for this monster that is oppressing us.  All its high, high cost is being piled up on our public debt bill.


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