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Jewish Omerta: US Media Conspires With Sony Executives To Not Report Hacked Emails

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In New York City, the Daily News notices the contents of the hacked Sony emails.  Virtually no Jewish-owned media is noticing this huge story.  But for some reason, the Daily News which is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman has actually carried some of these stories!  Hollywood big wigs have a long way to go on raceLeaked emails show award-winning black actors who may play slaves in movies are still slaves in the eyes of a few of the white racist moguls who runHollywood.

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Actor Oldman Crawls On Stomach, Beating His Head, Begging Anti-Defamation League Ethnic Cleansers For Mercy

Two news stories, one not covered by any American press and the other covered heavily by all press outfits, clearly illustrates how an ethnic minority agenda is imposed on an entire nation via control of the media and Hollywood.  The elimination of the news that our Congress which has cut spending for Americans greatly, once again gave Israel another $131 million as a gift and the news about a Hollywood star who told the truth about who runs Hollyood (hint: they are Jewish) shows how Jewish muscle is applied to keep people scared or in the dark so we can’t control Congress by stopping AIPAC or save ourselves from World War Z.


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