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Bilderberg Big Shot, Krugman Thinks No One Is Richer When Empires Go To War, A Deliberate Lie

Liberals love to make fun of conservatives complaining that they are delusional and cling to fake stories yet liberals do this every bit as much as conservatives.  Examples abound such as clinging to the ‘global warming’ story and then turning it into ‘climate change’ just when it is proven decisively that it is getting colder, or the myths built up around various black criminal youth who die fighting someone white or Hispanic, we have Krugman, a Bilderberg ‘liberal’ sounding off about the Ukraine mess, blaming Putin for everything. Continue reading


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Over-Designed, Extremely Expensive Military Equipment Is Destroying Our Nation

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Recently, an American who made many millions off of the military industrial giant red ink ocean here in the US, built himself this massive touring machine that is grossly over-engineered.  Which is exactly what is wrong with all our military equipment these days:  Inventor spends millions on RV to take his four year old around the world | Mail Online

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Crazy Warmonger Gates Attacks Obama For Trying To Escape Afghanistan Trap


Former Pentagon leader Gates has published this whiny, imperial rot book whereby he complains that Obama isn’t enough of a crazed warmonger like previous Bilderberg/AIPAC rulers.  He, himself, boasts about going into Afghanistan briefly under impressive armed protection to tell the Americans stuck there that he ‘loved’ them and he frets why Obama couldn’t go there and spread some man on man love, too.  This, from a homophobic military man strikes me as rather funny since he obviously can’t see how insane he really is.  Do you send men you adore to a death trap to die for no reason?  Only if you have very strange seething sexual bizarre impulses.

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Lunatic, Raging Gun Nuts Make Gun Control Laws Necessary

I own and use guns.  For hunting and yes, self-protection because I live in the country.  But when I lived in NYC and ran street patrols in a fairly high crime neighborhood, I didn’t use guns and frankly, didn’t need guns.  I made certain via confrontations with the mayor and working with the police in my precinct, that we had police patrol reforms such as getting them out of the cars and into the streets and by making civilian arrests using mainly our neighborhood muscle.  Crime fell and we were much safer.  The recent flood of high-power guns falling into the hands of mentally disturbed people or drug crime syndicates is causing mayhem and distress.  I would never run a civilian street patrol today, it is far too dangerous.  And we see in Mexico what happens when everyone is armed with high-speed firing guns: both the US and Mexico have more than 30,000 people a year dying because of firearms used to commit crimes or suicide. Continue reading


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