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Netanyahu, Our Real President, Addresses Congress To Many Standing Ovations

Our real President, the guy who gets a near 100% of whatever he asks of Congress including lots of money and a religious war with a billion Muslims, came to his home base in DC to insult the puppet President with his diplomatic demands concerning Iran.  The Black Caucus Democrats all boycotted the ruler’s speech and didn’t do the obligatory jumping out of their seats repeatedly yelling, ‘Sieg Heil, Heil Israel!’ so they will probably be punished later by losing their seats in primaries in black neighborhoods who won’t understand how this system works in reality.

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Super PACs Run By Oligarchs Destroying Our Democracy And Economic Power

Ever since the right wing Catholics put in power in our top court by Republican Presidents, we have seen all campaign finance laws tossed into the dumpster.  The Supreme Court’s rejection of U.S. campaign funding limits has opened the door for all oligarchs to run rampant.  Their rule of our nation has been an unmitigated disaster and the US is being internally destroyed by abuse of the banks, politicians and leaders.  They view this nation as something to exploit and devour, not grow and strengthen.

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Retired General Bolger Turns On War On Terror, Claiming We Lost While GOP Congress Keeps War On Terror Going

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ACR Graphs | Project Ploughshares

The US is the world’s #1 warmongering nation, it spends the most on it military and it has bases in more countries than any other, by far, and it is going bankrupt rapidly.  Sinking in a sea of red ink, both government debt and trade deficit, the nation continues to act as if it can be violent forever and this is why Congress, especially the GOP side, has decided to continue this wild spending, elimination of Constitutional rights and global warmongering.  With huge encouragement from AIPAC and our ‘allies’ in Japan and Europe.  A retired general just wrote a book about our military failures, too bad he waited until he collected his paychecks for killing people.

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