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NATO Military Female Leaders Are All Goofy, Anti-male Fembots

The picture above is the group of females who were running all the major military armies.  None of them are military people.  They are Bilderberg bitches.  They go running around squealing like school girls when men do male things and have pretty much, since 2010, clipped the balls off of NATO’s European military.  Today, they are hunting down icky men who are doing icky male things and their armies are collapsing internally.  This is in stark contrast with Russia.

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Both Pres. Kennedy Assassin And Dallas Cop Killer Were Military And Overseas

Screen shot 2016-07-08 at 1.32.08 PM

Pictured: Micah Xavier Johnson, the 25-year-old Afghanistan Army veteran who shot 12 cops at Dallas protest, killing five, after saying ‘he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers’ in anger over Black Lives Matter.  This monster who went insane has a WHITE stepmother in Dallas who is a teacher!  This killer did his ambushes in the exact same neighborhood in Dallas where a previous one, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy.


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Spanish Nurse Using All Methods To Prevent Contagion, Has Ebola In Madrid Hospital!

Very bad news and the EU better wake the hell up, fast!  Spanish nurse becomes first person to contract virus outside of Africa in Spain.  Madrid, Spain.  She was treating a missionary who came down with the disease and despite all precautions being taken, she got it anyways just like many before her.  This is a VERY highly contagious disease since people wearing all the gear still get it not once or twice but often.

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Steve Forbes Talks About Sovereign Wealth With Professor Prasad In A Childish Way

Forbes magazine has the founder and owner, Forbes himself, discussing in rather a childish way, why the US dollar is ‘strong’ inside of the free trade (sic) economic system he himself and his fellow Bilderberg buddies built.  No mention of the Bilderberg plans, of course.  I find this entire discussion sadly comical for if they are this clueless, we are doomed.  Well, we ARE doomed.  Or they know perfectly well what is going on and refuse to tell anyone which is the most likely explanation: Why One Ivy League Economist Thinks The U.S. Dollar Is Invincible And What This Means For Investors

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Elite Historians And Diplomats (sic) Are Desperate To Deny That The Crimea Confrontation Can Cause WWIII

Scene of bloodiest battle Western front WWI France

Siegfried Sassoon – Poem: ‘On passing the new Menin Gate’. – YouTube: The above picture is the point in France where the Allies stopped the German push to Paris in 1915.  This battle lasted for nearly half a year and killed a million soldiers.  It is a flat field they turned into the moon, cratering everything in sight.  The butchery of WWI was the end result of globalization and free trade (that is, one way free trade with the Europeans and Americans forcing open closed markets like China and Japan!) which mirrors today with one way free trade and globalization oppressing the workers severely while bankrupting empires that are so used to looting the world, they loot their home base which is insane and stupid but they can’t help themselves.  The US/Russia/China battle for dominance pits an increasingly bankrupt US against two of the greater sovereign wealth nations on earth.  We will lose this confrontation and go totally bankrupt. Continue reading


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US Military, Japan Military And China Military Play Dangerous Game Of Chicken In Asian Airspace

The US media has mainly studiously kept all news about the New Asian Power Push out of the front pages in favor of hammering on Iran and Syria.  But the cold war there is heating up very rapidly ever since Kerry and Obama gave Abe the green light to make huge territorial demands backed by US taxpayers and our troops.  Now, it is exploding in size as China sends planes into air defense zone after Japan, S Korea, U.S. defy rules.


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Yet ANOTHER Egypt Military Coup Paid For By Pentagon

Any time an Egyptian wins an election, there is disaffection in the streets just like here in the US.  Imagine if we had an election not won by popular vote but put into power by the Supreme Court?  We had BIG demonstrations and this was ignored by the elites.  The elites in the US were unhappy with the results of the Egyptian election so they were happy the losers kept up the demonstrations.

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