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Black Friday Destroys Christmas Holiday

Many years ago in New Jersey, I knew someone who worked in a mall there.  She said Black Friday was a nightmare, she feared for her own life as mobs of crazed ‘shoppers’ basically looted the store.  These sales are popular with businesses selling mainly imported junk.  I wish these sales were outlawed due to the collapse in law and order when big businesses ruthlessly drop prices for one or two days.  By the way, the SJW gang wants to kill Christmas as well as already turning Halloween into PC Police Day.


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Black Friday Shopping Hysteria: The Battle For Underwear At Victoria’s Secret For Women And Big TV Sets For Men


Black Friday causes chaos in England too – YouTube


The crazy mania is being exported to other countries.  People get trampled, huge TV boxes are grabbed from each other and then carried off like…looting stores during riots!  Looks the same.  Here is a really sad detail about all this zany shopping frenzy:  From a commentator at the You Tube site…zoonyxnet6 hours ago

If the leaked list from yesterday is accurate, I’m pretty sure those Samsung TV’s are UE40F5300’s – last year’s model for £349? Or you can just buy this years UE40H5500, a much better model at John Lewis, Currys or Richer Sounds for….. £349. Oh.



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