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Obama Claims Unilateral War Powers Thanks To Bush Jr. War On Terror Act

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

The perpetual war against secular Muslims continues as the US plan to go after extremists who are often funded by or secretly supported by Mossad and the CIA, continues.  The latest mess in Iraq also reveals how Congress conspires with both GOP and DNC Presidents to destroy the Constitution. Obama to Congress: I Don’t Need Your OK on Iraq:

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Fake Liberals And Double Standard Conservatives: No More Real Patriotism Exists, Just Lies



Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 9.34.09 AM

I used to go to Raw Story for news but now I visit on occasion to see how fall down the site has fallen as it has turned more and more towards raw propaganda and insanity.  Here is a particularly odious and ugly example:  Edward Snowden’s disembodied head makes sweet love to dreamy heartthrob Vladimir Putin | The Raw Story by T Bogg:

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Snowden Reveals US, UK, Japan & Israel Want To Spread Computer Viruses Across Planet

NSA plot to spy on the entire world

Snowden releases more shocking information about US/Israel/Japan/UK spying on the world and attempts at controlling all computer systems while the US public is decisively against even economic sanctions against Russia.  The Ukraine’s new unelected rulers is a ruthless IMF banker.  They will suffer greatly in the future.  And the Saudis are accused of being global terrorists by Iraq while Israel pounds Gaza during the fake ‘peace talks’.  Russia and Iran are signing papers to build another nuclear power station which is enraging AIPAC no end. Continue reading


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Fully Automated Assassin Drones, More NSA Spying, More Al Qaeda Surges

FBI no longer is about enforcing laws

The farce of the ‘War on Terror’ grows clearer by the hour.  This myopic war was a fraud from day one.  The US elites knew perfectly well who is funding al Qaeda: the Saudi Royals, CIA and Mossad. They knew that the hijackings were allowed to proceed.  They knew the people of Afghanistan had virtually nothing to do with it and Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.  They also knew that the US public could be either led by the nose or fall for goofy explanations for these events rather than look at the Saudi/CIA/Mossad triumvirate.  Now, the morphing of the US into the USSR continues with the FBI no longer enforcing US laws but rather, is an arm of the NSA.  Note the open lie about ‘not keep a file on every citizen’ BS.

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Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11


Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11

On 9/11, a jet nearly crashed into my house.  It flew very slow and very, very low over us and we could read the AA on the tail easily and I thought it was disabled.  As it turned over the Hudson Valley and headed due south, I tried to contact authorities to report this odd event.  This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent.  This person is now at the center of a growing fight over redacted material about him and his role in everything.

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Swiss Confirm Arafat Assassinated By Polonium Radioactive Poison, US Media Downplays Explosive Story

Yasser Arafat ‘was poisoned using radioactive polonium’, tests reveal | Mail Online, says the lead story in a British ‘cute girls/crime’ rag in Britain.  In America, this story is less interesting like with the New York Times  headline, Swiss Report Supports Theory Arafat Was Poisoned uses the word ‘theory’ which is not the word used in Europe describing this crime.  So does the Washington Post which at least made this explosive story front page and not buried in the far boondocks like the NYT.

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Clapper Claims NSA Spying Was ACCIDENTAL Due To Their Stupidity, Also Prisoner X Zygier’s Family Gets Israel Damage Award

The spies of the NSA claim this spying was all ACCIDENTAL!  HAHAHA.  Declassified court documents highlight NSA violations in data collection for surveillance – The Washington Post


The National Security Agency for almost three years searched a massive database of Americans’ phone call records attempting to identify potential terrorists in violation of court-approved privacy rules, and the problem went unfixed because no one at the agency had a full technical understanding of how its system worked, according to new documents and senior government officials


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