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MSNBC Virtue Signal TV Crew Abuse Disabled Vet Parking Spot, Refuse To Move

Hypocrites are worse than mere sinners: they virtue signal and consider themselves to be superior to mere mortals while acting like fiends, breaking laws.  It is utterly and totally illegal to park in a handicap parking spot.  100% illegal.  So MSNBC, the hyper-liberal whiners on TV who attack Trump nonstop over every little misstep or openly lying about him doing ‘bad things’…did a very bad thing yesterday in Texas, a triple bad thing for they abused a disabled military Air Force vet!  Who wanted to vote!!!

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Retired CIA Boss Brennan Attacks Trump Calling Him Russian Agent For Trying Simple Diplomacy


On NBC news with Mika Brezinski, daughter of a top DNC powerbroker daddy…decided to interview John Brennan who used to run the CIA.  Trump and Brennan then traded twitter statements with Trump trolling Brennan and Brennan acting like a junior high kid.  The mask of ‘competence’ and ‘smarts’ our Real Rulers like to have us believe is slipping badly now with Trump egging them on. Continue reading

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Trump Mocks MSNBC Then GOP Bilderberg Gangsters Attack Him, Too

MSNBC’s Mika and Joe slam Trump after facelift tweet | Daily Mail Online reports.

The battle between the behemoths continues.  The mainstream media is covering this story in their usual, lying, hysterical, ninny way and Trump rolls over them as their world collapses.  They can’t call him a Russian agent anymore so they want now to impeach him for being rude to lying creeps who run our ‘media’.  This is a hilarious battle the mainstream fake news is doomed to lose.

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AIPAC Comes Out Of Shadows To Openly Bribe Congress To Vote For More Wars


Egypt: Interior minister survives car bombing: since it is ‘legal’ to use terrorism to overthrow dictatorships, why isn’t the US sending arms and money to the fighters in Egypt who have a legitimate claim they are fighting a coup that overthrew an elected President?  Naturally, the US will call this ‘terrorism’ while the ugly violence in Syria sponsored by our government is called ‘freedom fighters’ and the winner of all this is, as always, al Qaeda.  A CIA creation that is a Frankenstein monster that gives and gives…excuses for wars for the US and its owners, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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