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Rich MTV Gangsta Rappers Shoot It Up At TV Party In LA

MTV rich gangstas shoot it out at party

Black thugs killing each other is NOT ‘economical suffering.’  It is a cultural collapse which has made many non-blacks very, very cynically rich.  The black thug ideology is peddled very hard by MTV and other operations and we look at the super rich dude who owns these black gangsta entertainment complexes and we find a very rich elderly Jewish guy.  Rich gangstas fight each other exactly the same way their people who love them fix social messes, by killing someone, often randomly, very often in public where a lot of bystanders can also be sent to the graveyard.

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Football Has Health, Psych And Social Problems: Injuries, Rape And Abuse Run Rife

Steubenville students threaten rape victim

BREAKING: Jane Doe #Steubenville Now Receiving Threats Via Social Media *Contact Info To Report* | Busted Bitches And Internet Stalkers


Ever wonder what your children do during spring break? Shocking pictures reveal the outrageous antics of college students gone wild: the Beach Party Bingo Bikini wild life continues.  Before the Summer of Love, US youth were running wild.  Born to be Wild was a hit song in the mid-sixties.  Rising alongside the wild sex parties was the women’s movement.  And also awareness about rape.  This surge in open discussions about sex runs parallel to religious fundamentalists wanting to lock women and gays in closets and denying civil rights.

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