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Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

Egypt erupts over Mubarak ruling: Thousands take to the streets after judge rules ousted president WON’T face murder charges over Arab Spring protester killings: the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia arranged for the coup in Egypt.  Mubarak was overthrown by the people who then had this election which was fair.


Then Morsi was overthrown after the very rich 1% caused the economy to crash.  The military moved in and illegally removed him from his elected office exactly like Ukraine saw a year later.  The new dictator of Egypt, Sissi, has now attacked the people of Sinai, he eradicated this large town next to Gaza and drove out all the people who lived there and now has closed off Palestine to all trade making the ghetto there exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Violent Attacks On Demonstrators In Eastern Ukraine Rise Higher Thanks To Obama, Russia Ponders Counterattack

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Odessa erupts into violence again as pro-Russian protesters vent anger against riot police outside burned-out building after 42 killed in riots between rival groups as the coup collapses into chaos.  There is no fixing this mess.  Unlike the US/NATO coups in Yugoslavia, this is all right in Russia’s front yard.  The US imagines Russia isn’t strong militarily.

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Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11


Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11

On 9/11, a jet nearly crashed into my house.  It flew very slow and very, very low over us and we could read the AA on the tail easily and I thought it was disabled.  As it turned over the Hudson Valley and headed due south, I tried to contact authorities to report this odd event.  This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent.  This person is now at the center of a growing fight over redacted material about him and his role in everything.

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Mubarak Moved Home While Morsi Kept In Prison–Both ‘Killed’ Demonstrators

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2011:Does Time magazine think Americans can’t handle scenes of another Egyptian revolution? – Yahoo! News

The final insult to the Egyptian revolt:  Hosni Mubarak Release: Court Orders Former Egyptian President To Be Freed by Mubarak judge, is now going to be under house arrest.  The military still holds Morsi in secret prison and is accusing him of killing demonstrators while the military butchered thousands during their coup.  The coup is nearly complete with the Old Regime firmly back in power.

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