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Mainstream Leftists (who barely care) Scream At Trump For Not Mourning Continuously Murdered Jews…

What Trump did was congratulate the winning team that day which is perfectly normal.  Of course, the fake liberals running media systems went totally nuts claiming, I assume, he should have worn rags and put dust on his head for the next week.  Considering that none of his attackers stopped attacking him and mourn, instead, is particularly annoying.  They have no class, no sense, no morals.  The constant attacks makes Trump stronger, not weaker and they cannot understand this.  Then there is the issue of the DNC leaders all supporting Farrakhan, a huge anti-semitic black leader who I knew personally long ago when I was Mrs. Levy in New Jersey.  Nasty man!

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US, Allies Refuse Fukushima Fix While Screaming For War With Syria As Israel Attacks Palestinians

The US and some of its allies are most anxious to decapitate yet another Muslim government that Saudi Arabia and Israel want destroyed and replaced with a puppet regime like with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt.  The violent, illegal takeover of these countries is now going to extend to Syria.  Locking down everyone so that the people in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States can’t overthrow their dictators is of highest importance as is the elimination and destruction of all Palestinians.  Meanwhile, Fukushima menaces the entire planet and Japan’s fascist rulers are riled that the head of the UN dares to mention WWII.

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Violent Saudi-backed Egypt Junta Massacres Many Muslim Brotherhood Protestors

Al Jazeera threat letter in Egypt

Twitter / RawyaRageh: Threatening leaflets dropped off at Al Jazeera headquarters in Cairo.

The military coup which supposedly was beloved and supported by ‘the people’ in Egypt turns out to be highly unpopular.  Not only did it depose a democratically elected President, it arrested all the party leaders and planned to accuse them of–get this—killing demonstrators!  To bring this illicit ‘justice’ the junta has been busy butchering hundreds of protestors.  So, can we arrest them, too?   Continue reading


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ZIRP Lending Continues In EU, UK And Japan while Snowden Spy Scandal Reveals EU Spying

European Central Bank Commits to Low Rate and the Bank of England hints policy to remain loose: the dollar is up against trade partner currencies as the status quo for the present global trade (i.e.: ONE WAY) continues.  Japan showed that the US would allow this so all the rest are doing the same.  Since the Snowden revelations, our trade partners have all backed down and gave only lip service to the idea that they are sovereign nations, yapping about how the US shouldn’t spy on them…only to resume business as usual.  And the key to all this is the gigantic US trade deficit with all our ‘allies’ as well as everyone else.  So long as this is allowed, everyone will let the US spy on them.

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Saudi Royals Double Dealing Coup In Egypt: Oil Prices Shoot Up, Making Kleptocrats In SA Richer

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 3.34.44 AM


The ridiculous Huffington Post front page tonight which celebrates illegal military overthrow of an elected government.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.  Gold and oil prices have been generally falling.  And one particular country hates this fact: Saudi Arabia.  Bin Laden’s #1 target for destruction and overthrow wasn’t the US government but Saudi royals.  The US protects these very vicious dictators not that bin Laden was going to be any nicer than they…but to weaken the Saudi royals, his plan was to lure the US into war with Afghanistan and thus, have the US go bankrupt like Russia.  A plan, incidentally, which is working all too well.  But the real issue of the coup in Egypt is why the Saudis want a dictatorship there again.  The answer is many fold and I will start with oil prices.

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