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Klinghoffer Opera Drives Zionists Nuts In NYC: One Small Chorus About Nabka (Palestine Ethnic Cleansing)

The Death of Klinghoffer: Chorus of Exiled Palestinians – YouTube

All my life I went to the opera all over the world and played in the orchestra pit in college for various operas there, too.  I love operas.  There is this huge battle raging in Manhattan over John Adam’s opera, ‘The Death of Kinghoffer’.  All because of this one little song,  a sad song, about the helpless natives of Palestine being driven from their homes! This is less than 10 minutes of singing in an over two hour opera which is all about the bad Palestinians who hijacked a ship and killed a Jewish American man in a wheel chair.  The Jews in NYC are screaming their heads off over the song because they want all Palestinians be seen as evil and deserving to be wiped out as vermin and sub humans and untermenschen a la Hitler’s definition of people who deserve to be ethnically cleansed.

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