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Despite War Talk, US Will Join Russia And China In Lunar Orbit Space Station

Russia & US to create new space station in moon’s orbit — RT News: this is headline news in Russia, not the US.  Russia Will Team Up with NASA to Build a Lunar Space Station was reported by Popular Mechanics, a male-operated media, but the mainstream news which has been screeching about Evil Russians for the last year and a half, are silent about this just like they ignore the fact that our work on the present space station is 100% thanks to Russia doing the heavy lifting for a fee, of course.

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NASA Employee Widow Muscled By Feds Over Selling Microscopic Moon Rock

Good Moon rock Weed And More Cannabis Strains for sale –this isn’t the moon rocks in the story today.  You can get arrested in many places for selling these ‘moon rocks’ too.


True story: my grandfather was part of this expedition in the 19th century to go to Meteor Crater in Arizona to figure out if it was caused by a meteor strike.  He then took this huge hunk of the meteorite and took it to his lab and toyed with it, cutting it in two.  I grew up playing with this rock.  We were told, in 1965, that this rock was illegal so my dad gave it to the Smithsonian Institute.  We had other interesting stuff no one is allowed to have these days.  This takes me to the story in the news about a retired NASA scientist who was given a moon rock by Armstrong which was ‘illegal’ and when his widow tried to sell it, she was attacked literally by NASA goons.

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Russia Will Release ALL Secret Information Of US Space Program’s Military Junk

China Plans To Build Base On Dark Side Of The Moon – YouTube (the ‘dark side of the moon’ is simply facing away from the earth, it gets plenty of sunlight half of the time as it circles the earth)


As the US pushes desperately to start WWIII with Russia and China, with Germany chiming in with a ‘Sieg Heil’ lunacy, we learn today that Russia knows all about our secret spy satellites and our secret weapons aimed at Russia and is now going to publish a data base showing the entire world, how the US violates the Peaceful Uses of Space by putting into orbit WWIII weaponry.  This is huge news for anyone who is terrified of the US launching this war unilaterally.

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We Know Very Little Direct Information About Our Local Star, The ‘Sun’

Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 9.36.00 AM

Kitt Peak Solar Observatory – Pics about space

I had a very unusual childhood. All my parents and grandparents including the women, were all astronomers.  I grew up in various observatories from Yerkes in Wisconsin where I was born as my mother left the observatory that night and in California, Texas and above all, Kitt Peak in Arizona, a mountain my father chose because he thought it was beautiful and a great place to live.  I am watching in horror as NASA which my dad also, a rocket expert during WWII, helped found with Kennedy, is rapidly being destroyed by the childish ‘global warming’ hysteria which came out of left field, so to speak.  I watched it evolve because I know Al Gore and the others involved because they knew my dad.

At WUWT there is this raging debate about our local star which ignores the reality of what this thing is: A SMALL STAR which is insignificant compared to most stars.  It is very small, has little power but has endurance because the giant stars all die quickly and blow up spectacularly whereas ours rolls along at the outer fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy puttering along for a billion or so years, happily circled by little planets and so far, evading all the big, explosive, nasty hotter stars that menace us.  But alas, as we circle the Galaxy we are also being drawn into that ferocious inferno and will end up annihilated in the bitter end…try telling that to small children!

Which Grandpa Pettit merrily informed me when I was less than ten years old.  Hilarious, no?


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NASA Claims No One Can Predict Hurricane Season…NOAA Fails At This Prediction Business Too

The President of the US has declared war on warming.  Anything hinting at warmer weather is attacked ferociously with everyone yelling about California…since few places are warmer, this greatly limits the howls of rage.  The eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than normal with an el Nino event happening which coincides with the solar cycle peak as per usual and yet look at the Atlantic Ocean: cold.  Quite cold.  Antarctica’s ice has been growing for the last half a decade and increasing greatly so the President and his gang are all over the news howling about one tiny section that is melting in winter when temperatures are below zero there.  Naturally, this minor melting from warm water at just one spot is blamed on ‘human caused global warming’ which is insane.

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IEEE Paper By Keith Henson: Feasibility Study Building Orbital To Earth Solar Energy Arrays In Space

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 8.20.54 AM

X2-class solar flare: the sun is very active today, we feel the warmth pretty quickly.


My former brother-in-law, Keith Henson,  was one of the founders of the L5 Society which I was a member of way back in the 1970’s, has been pushing for a proposed orbital solar energy transmission system from space to earth-based receptors which we hope would overcome the problem of land-based solar energy, that is, nighttime shutting it down.  Our desire for this sort of development in space is based on the concept that humans must begin moving off planet or have civilization rot away back to Roman standards (SLAVES) in the far future.  Research in this area limps along due to the Bilderberg guys focused nearly entirely on running various stupid global warming con games.  So work on development is at a snail’s pace…but is beginning to pick up.


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NOAA Insists That Warm Arctic Means Warm Northeast Instead, Cold Moving South Which Is Very Dangerous



Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends towards warmer winters!  Especially the eastern half of North America is supposed to be getting much warmer in winter compared to 1978.  Then we had two winters back to back that were even colder than 1978 which was the coldest year of the previous cold cycle.  Here is a paragraph from the quasi-government website run by young alarmists screaming about how hot the earth is today:  Extreme Weather and Climate Change: The Northeast | Climate Central


The bottom line answer is yes: Heat waves are longer and hotter than they used to be (in the Northeast) and some regions are suffering from catastrophic drought. Heavy rains are more frequent and can be more intense and rainfall records have been smashed. These events fit a pattern that climate scientists have long expected to appear as the result of increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. That doesn’t mean global warming is the only culprit: extreme weather was happening before global warming began. But there’s general scientific agreement that global warming has contributed to a trend toward more intense extremes of heat and precipitation around the world, is partly to blame for specific extreme weather events over the last decade and will continue to influence both in the future.

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