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Syria And Russia Shot Down Most NATO Missiles: High Level Defenses For WWIII

The British Daily Mail goes full warmongering, of course.  Britain’s rulers hate Trump with a passion and didn’t invite him over, not even now.  Trump doesn’t understand this won’t change with him cooperating in these stupid war games.


Refusing to wait for a proper investigation of the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria, even as the UN was discussing this matter, England, France and the US decided to do a sneak attack on Syria.  Syria and Russia were expecting this due to the US and NATO EU nations doing this last year the exact same way.  Russia now has the right to accuse NATO of an illegal attack on a sovereign nation.  Trump went along, yet again, with this nonsense, hoping the Bilderberg gang won’t destroy him.  Instead, he signed his own destruction by alienating his own voter base.

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