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Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

June 13  2014 headlines


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Another Big Blizzard, Another Polar Vortex Cold Wave: This Is A Classic 1970’s Winter

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The unusually cold, bitter winter continues with barely a pause.  We had some above freezing days briefly here in upstate New York but it is back into the zero degree refrigerator for the next week.  A big snowstorm is raging across the nation and NYC already had significant snow this week and will be hammered yet again.  We are expecting over a foot of snow here on my mountain.  The sneers about ‘it is only WEATHER’ has finally begun to fade as severe cold grips entire continents showing us how Mother Nature disregards computer projections when it comes to solar activity and volcanoes both of which have a huge effect on the weather with the sun being one of the biggest, most absolute driver of weather change.

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